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Student Affairs Council

Dr. Joanne Smith, Vice President, Student Affairs, Chair (T)

Dr. Margarita Arellano, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs and Dean of Students (T)
Dr. Jen Beck, Director, Retention Management and Planning, Student Affairs (T)
Dr. Sherri Benn, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs and Director, Student Diversity and Inclusion (T)
Dr. Emilio Carranco, Jr., Director, Student Health Center (T)
Ms. LA Chafin, Executive Assistant, Student Affairs Office (T)
Mr. Ralph Leal, Interim Director, Career Services (T)
Mr. Kevin McCarty, Director, SA Technologies Services (T)
Dr. Christy Nolan, Director, Campus Recreation (T)
Dr. Rosanne Proite, Director, Housing and Residential Life (T)
Mr. Jack Rahmann, Director, LBJ Student Center (T)
Mr. Gavin Steiger, Director, Disability Services
To Be Named, Director, Counseling Center (T)

Provides information, opinions, and advice to the Vice President for Student Affairs to facilitate decision-making in Student Affairs.