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Retention Council

Dr. Joanne Smith, Vice President for Student Affairs, Lead Directors
Dr. Jen Beck, Director, Retention Management and Planning, Lead Directors

Mr. Jon Ahlberg, Associate Director, International Office
Ms. Lisa Allen, Director, Student Business Services
Mr. Ismael Amaya, Assistant Dean, Dean of Students
Dr. Margarita Arellano, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Dr. Deborah Balzhiser, Associate Professor, English
Dr. Dann Brown, Dean, University College and PACE Center
Dr. Jose Coll, School Director and Professor, Social Work
Dr. Rosario Davis, Assistant Vice President, International Affairs
Dr. Susan Day, Professor, Liberal Arts
Dr. Carol Dochen, Director, Student Learning Assistance Center
Ms. Julie Eckert, Assistant Director, Student Health Center
Dr. Laurie Fluker, Associate Professor, Fine Arts and Communication
Dr. Ruben Garza, Assistant Dean, Education
Dr. Andrea Golato, Dean, The Graduate College
Ms. Norma Gaier, Director, Career Services
Ms. Melissa Hyatt, Associate University Registrar, Office of the University Registrar
Dr. Sheyenne Krysher, Assistant Director, Career Services
Mr. Herb Jones, Associate Director, Housing and Residential Life
Ms. Cheryl McWilliams, Grant Director, Student Support Services
Ms. Toni Moreno, Assistant Director, Student Diversity and Inclusion
Dr. Christopher Murr, Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Dr. Michael Nava, Associate Dean, University College and PACE Center
Mr. Terence Parker, Assistant Director, Retention Management and Planning
Dr. Greg Passty, Assistant Dean, Science and Engineering
Mr. Peter Pereira, Assistant Director, Student Center
Dr. Edna Rehbein, Assistant Vice President Academic Affairs, Round Rock Campus
Dr. Joanne Salas, Senior Psychologist, Counseling Center
Ms. Julie Saldiva, Program Specialist, Campus Recreation
Mr. Jesse Silva, Student Development Specialist II, Student Diversity and Inclusion
Dr. Stella Silva, Associate Director, Student Diversity and Inclusion
Dr. Marc Turner, Research Analyst, Institutional Research
Mr. Trevon Walker, Assistant Director, Campus Recreation
Ms. Skyller Walkes, Interim Director, Disability Services
Dr. Ruth Welborn, Dean, Health Professions
Dr. Patrice Werner, Chair and Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction, Education
Dr. David Wierschem, Associate Professor, McCoy College of Business

The mission of the Council is to serve as collaborative partners that will research, develop, implement, and evaluate effective retention efforts across campus that positively impact the retention to graduation rates of Texas State students with specific emphasis on targeted sub-populations who exhibit the need for more intensive retention efforts.