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Bobcat Preview Steering Committee

Ms. Lanita Legan, Associate Director, LBJ Student Center, Chair (T)
Ms. Jennie Heath, Graduate Assistant, LBJ Student Center
Ms. Brettney Birdwell, Coordinator, LBJ Student Center
Ms. Abby Cliffel, Student Director, Bobcat Preview
Ms. Kasey Wollenberg, Student Director, Bobcat Preview

Dr. Heather Aidala, Psychologist, Counseling Center (R)
Ms. Lindley Alyea, Representative, Student Learning Assistance Center (R)
Mr. Scott Ayers, Representative, Information Technology (R)
Dr. Kambra Bolch, Associate Dean, University College (T)
Ms. Jeania Brandon, Representative, Chartwells (R)
Ms. LA Chafin, Executive Assistant, Student Affairs (T)
Mr. Chin-Hong Chua, General Manager, Chartwells (R)
Sgt. Chris Cost, Representative, University Police Department (R)
Mr. Yves Duguay, Representative, Chartwells (R)
Ms. Julie Eckert, Representative, Alcohol and Drug Resources Center (R)
Mr. Victor Hernandez Jr., Assistant Director, Campus Recreation (R)
Ms. Raechel Kepner, Assistant Director, Housing and Residential Life (R)
Ms. Jen LaGrange, Representative, IT Assistance Center (R)
Mr. Terence Parker, Associate Director, Retention Management and Planning (T)
Ms. Brenda Rodriguez, Associate Director, LBJ Student Center (T)
Ms. Bridget Sarbu, Career Advisor, Career Services (R)
Mr. Jesse Silva, Representative, Student Diversity and Inclusion (R)
Mr. Floyd Stull, Representative, University Libraries (R)
To Be Named, Representative, LBJ Student Center (R)
To Be Named, Representative, Undergraduate Admissions (R)

Provides programming and support for the beginning of the semester student transition programs. This includes the oversight of a variety of activities, including but not limited to, provision of such diverse services as orientation of the library, Computer Services training, college note taking, social and personal issues awareness, campus safety, the selection and training of peer facilitation leaders, provision of a variety of developmental education activities, the staffing or information booths, the management of traffic flow, and comprehensive assessment of all programs.