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Veterans Advisory Council

Dr. Sherri Benn, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs/Director, Co-Chair (T)
Ms. Melissa Hyatt, Associate University Registrar, University Registrar, Co- Chair (R)

Mr. Eric Amidon, Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions (R)
Dr. Harlan Ballard, Student Development Specialist II, Disability Services (R)
Mr. Anson Davis, Coordinator, Veteran's Benefits, Veteran Affairs (T)
Ms. Brittany Davis, Student Development Specialist II, Graduate College (T)
Ms. Kama Davis, Staff Attorney, Dean of Students (R)
Mr. Charles Evers, Supervisor, Applied Arts Advising Center, Advising Representative (R)
Dr. Hillary Jones, Senior Psychologist, Counseling Center (R)
Ms. Catharina Reyes, Student Development Specialist II, SLAC (R)
Dr. Katherine Selber, Professor, Social Work (R)
Mr. Jesse Silva, Associate Director, Student Diversity and Inclusion (T)
Ms. Monique Whitley, Coordinator , Financial Aid and Scholarships (R)
Mr. Chad Willis, User Services Consultant II, Managed Services (R)
Mr. Ross Wood, Career Advisor, Career Services
To Be Named, Faculty Senate  (R)
To Be Named, Round Rock Campus (R)
To Be Named, Student Diversity and Inclusion (T)
To Be Named, Director, Veteran Academic Success Center (R)

Student Member:
Ms. Samantha Dawson, Representative, Veterans Alliance of Texas State
To Be Named, Representative, Student Government

VAC provides advice and support for services and programs designed to promote military veteran student retention and success and facilitate their transition into college.