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Student Information System Coordinating Committee

Mr. Martin Mills, Director, Enterprise Systems, Chair (T)

Ms. Lisa Allen, Director, Student Business Services (R)
Ms. Lindley Alyea, Coordinator, Instructional Programs (R)
Ms. Micky Autrey, Director, Curriculum Services (R)
Mr. Will Bending, Assistant Director, Enterprise Systems (R)
Ms. Carolyn Bettelheim, Systems Support Specialist II,  Distance and Extended Learning (R)
Mr. Mark Boucher, Database Administrator, Core Systems (R)
Ms. Kristi Boyd, Systems Support Analyst, Undergraduate Admissions (R)
Mr. Marcus Bryant, Systems Support Analyst, Treasurer (R)
Mr. Mark Burrow, Systems Support Analyst, Graduate College (R)
Mr. Chad Garrett, Supervisor, Systems Services, University Registrar (R)
Ms. Dede Gonzales, Associate Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships (R)
Ms. Sonya Gutierrez, Coordinator, Curriculum, Curriculum Services (R)
Ms. Melissa Hyatt, Associate University Registrar, University Registrar (R)
Mr. John Kocian, Systems Support Analyst, Financial Aid and Scholarships (R)
Ms. Jen LaGrange, Supervisor, IT Assistance Center (R)
Mr. Chris Lehman, Associate Director, SA Technology Services, Vice President for Student Affairs (R)
Mr. Kevin McCarty, Director, SA Technology Services, Vice President for Student Affairs (R) 
Ms. Holly Messler, Systems Support Specialist II, Undergraduate Admissions (R)
Ms. Janet Moseley, Manager, Graduate Admissions, Graduate College (R)
Ms. Joyce Munoz, Assistant Director, Core Systems (R)
Mr. Cody North, Senior Programmer Analyst, Enterprise Systems (R) 
Ms. Janell Pemberton, Project Management Director, Technology Resources Administration (R)
Ms. Kate Proff, Database Administrator, Institutional Research (R)
Ms. Tami Rice, Director, Institutional Research (R)
Mr. Ardie Schneider, Application Administrator, Enterprise Systems (R)
Ms. Rori Sheffield, Director, Mobile/Web Systems, Technology Resources (R)
Mr. Shalena Stelzig, Systems Analyst II, Advancement Services (R)
Ms. Catherine Stevens, Director, IT Assistance Center (R)
Ms. Jessica Soukup, Systems Analyst I, Vice President for Student Affairs (R)
Ms. Jodi Steen, Director, Core Systems (R)
Ms. Susan Updegrove, Senior Business Process Analyst, Enterprise Systems (R)
Ms. Mei Ling Von Stultz, Programmer Analyst II, Enterprise Systems (R)
To Be Named, Institutional Research (R)
To Be Named, Testing Research-Support (R)

The Student Information System Coordinating Council (SISCC) is a cross-departmental group that serves as a discussion forum and decision-making body on issues related to the Student Information System environment, topics discussed include planned maintenance and downtime and similar matters, as well as any issues raised by the membership