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Information Technology Leadership Council

Mr. Kenneth Pierce, Vice President, Information Technology, Chair (T)

Mr. Percy Adusei-Ameyaw, Application Administrator, Technology Resources (T)
Ms. Lisa Ancelet, Administrative Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Carolyn Anzures, Administrative Financial Analyst, Information Technology (T)
Ms. Mary Aycock, Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Scott Ayers, Director, IT Business Operations (T)
Ms. JaNelle Barnes, Assistant Vice President, Information Technology Business Operations (T)
Mr. Will Bending, Assistant Director, Enterprise Systems, Technology Resources (T)
Ms. Tricia Boucher, Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Dean Brennan, Supervisor, Instructional Media, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Sandra Brooks, Assistant Director, Technology Resources (T)
Ms. Rachel Canfield, Business Process Analyst, Technology Resources (T)
Dr. David Coleman, Director of the Wittliff Collections, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Chris Dean, Assistant Director, Learning Spaces, IT Assistance Center (T)
Ms. Rory Elliott, Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Mike Ellis, Manager, Archives and Research Center, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Missy Ellis, Director, IT Assistance Center (T)
Mr. Atkins Fleming, Assistant Director, Learning Spaces, IT Assistance Center (T)
Mr. Anthony Guardado, Administrative Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Connie Hackney, Senior Administrative Assistant, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Joan Heath, Associate Vice President and University Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Kimmy Hendley, Coordinator, Software Licensing, Information Technology (T)
Ms. Selene Hinojosa, Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Misty Hopper, Administrative Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Cable Hott, Assistance Director, IT Assistance Center (T)
Mr. Josh Howard, Systems Programmer II, Instructional Technologies (T)
Mr. Kevin Huffaker, Director, Technology Resources (T)
Ms. Lori Hughes, Director, Administrative Services, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Mark Hughes, Associate Vice President, Technology Resources (T)
Mr. Mike Krzywonski, Director, Network Operations, Technology Resources (T)
Ms. Jen LaGrange, IT Projects Coordinator, IT Assistance Center (T)
Ms. Carrie Langford, Assistant Director, Admin Services, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Ryan Lara, Systems Administrator II, Technology Resources (T)
Ms. Stephanie Larrison, Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Jason Long, Programmer Analyst I, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Veronica Mazuca, Video Network Specialist II, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Erin Mazzei, Digital Media Specialist, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Martin Mills, Director, Enterprise Systems, Technology Resources (T)
Ms. Joyce Munoz, Associate Director, Core Systems, Technology Resources (T)
Ms. Sarah Naper, Director, Research and Learning Services, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Steven Ness, Technology Intergration Specialist, Learning Spaces (T)
Mr. Cody North, Senior Programmer Analyst, Technology Resources (T)
Mr. Michael O'Connor, Senior Network Administrator, Technology Resources (T)
Mr. Dan Owen, Chief Information Security Officer, Information Security Office (T)
Mr. Stephen Peacock, Technology Integration Specialist II, IT Assistance Center(T)
Ms. Janell Pemberton, Project Manager Director, Technology Resources (T)
Mr. Todd Peters, Administrative Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Deborah Pitts, Marketing and Promotions Coordinator, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Scott Pope, Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Amanda Price, Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Andrew Rechinitz, Director, Technology Engagement (T)
Ms. Paivi Rentz, Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Jose Rodriguez, Director, Information Technology Business Services, Information Technology (T)
Mr. Ben Rogers, Assistant Vice President, IT Assistance Center (T)
Ms. Katie Salzmann, Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Ardie Schneider, Application Administrator, Technology Resources (T)
Mr. Brian Shanks, Director, Learning Spaces, IT Assistance Center(T)
Ms. Rori Sheffield, Director, Mobile/Web Systems, Technology Resources (T)
Mr. Theresa Shick, Coordinator, IT Projects, Information Security Office (T)
Ms. Liz Siesmore, Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Karen Sigler, Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Whitten Smart, Special Assistant, Information Technology (T)
Ms. Angela Smith, Coordinator, Marketing and Promotions, Information Technology (T)
Mr. Jeff Snider, Assistant Director, Learning Application Solutions, Technology Innovation Office (T)
Dr. Carlos SolĂ­s, Associate Vice President, Technology Innovation Office(T)
Mr. Eli Soto, Assistant Director, IT Assistance Center (T)
Ms. Christie Stampley, Executive Assistant, Information Technology (T)
Ms. Jodi Steen, Director, Core Systems, Technology Resources (T)
Ms. Catherine Stevens, Director, IT Assistance Center (T)
Mr. Floyd Stull, Coordinator, Microcomputer Lab III, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Matt Taylor, Coordinator Software Licensing, Information Technology (T)
Ms. Kristine Toma, University Archivist and Records Manager, University Libraries(T)
Ms. Sheila Torres-Blank, Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Stephanie Towery, Copyright Officer, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Laura Trial, Director, Instructional Media, Instructional Technologies Support (T)
Ms. Susan Updegrove, Senior Business Process Analyst, Technology Resources (T)
Dr. Ray Uzwyshyn, Director, Collections and Digital Services, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Laura Waugh, Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Jerry Weathers, Administrative Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Chrissy White, Senior Database Administrator, Technology Resources (T)
Mr. Mark Willenborg, Marketing and Promotions Coordinator, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Ginger Williams, Administrative Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Nick Wing, Senior Programmer Analyst, Technology Resources (T)

Provides information, opinions, and advice to the Vice President for Information Technology on issues that impact the mission of the Division. Provides an opportunity for members to participate in leadership development, collegial dialog, and information sharing.