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Extended Information Technology Council

Mr. Kenneth Pierce, Vice President, Information Technology, Chair (T)

Mr. Scott Ayers, Information Technology Marketing and Communication Coordinator, Information Technology (T)
Ms. JaNelle Barnes, Assistant Vice President, Information Technology Business Operations (T)
Dr. David Coleman, Director, Wittliff Collections, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Anthony Guardado, Administrative Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Joan Heath, Associate Vice President and University Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Kevin Huffaker, Director, Classroom Technology Support, Instructional Technologies Support (T)
Ms. Lori Hughes, Director, Administrative Services, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Mark Hughes, Associate Vice President, Technology Resources (T)
Mr. Mike Krzywonski, Director, Network Operations, Technology Resources (T)
Mr. Martin Mills, Director, Enterprise Systems, Technology Resources (T)
Ms. Sarah Naper, Director, Research and Learning Services, University Libraries (T)
Dr. Milt Nielsen, Special Assistant to the Vice President for Organizational Performance, Information Technology (T)
Mr. Dan Owen, Chief Information Security Officer, Information Technology (T)
Ms. Janell Pemberton, Senior Business Process Analyst, Technology Resources (T)
Ms. Deborah Pitts, Marketing and Promotions Coordinator, University Libraries (T)
Mr. Jose Rodriguez, Director, Information Technology Business Services, Information Technology (T)
Mr. Ben Rogers, Assistant Vice President, IT Assistance Center (T)
Mr. Brian Shanks, Director, Learning Spaces, Instructional Technologies Support (T)
Ms. Rori Sheffield, Director, Learning Applications Solutions, Instructional Technologies Support (T)
Dr. Carlos SolĂ­s, Associate Vice President, Instructional Technologies Support (T)
Ms. Christie Stampley, Executive Assistant, Information Technology (T)
Ms. Jodi Steen, Director, Core Systems, Technology Resources (T)
Ms. Kristine Toma, University Archivist and Records Manager, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Laura Trial, Director, Instructional Media, Instructional Technologies Support (T)
Dr. Ray Uzwyshyn, Director, Collections and Digital Services, University Libraries (T)

Bring together the Information Technology Council and their direct reports for discussion, collaboration, and information sharing to effectively and efficiently carry out the activities and initiatives of the Information Technology division.