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FSS Team Recognition Committee

Nancy Nusbaum, Associate Vice President, Finance and Support Services Planning, Chair (T)

Dan Alden, Representative, Financial Services (9/21) (R)
Katherine Beamer, Representative, Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management (9/22) (R)
Mary Ellen Cavitt, Representative, Academic Affairs (9/21) (R)
L A Chafin, Representative, Student Affairs (9/20) (R)
Pat Cochran, Representative, University Police Department (9/21) (R)
Cindy Keilers, Representative, Human Resources (9/22) (R)
Crystal Schaffer, Representative, Budgeting, Financial Planning, and Analysis (9/21) (R)
Melissa Stein, Representative, FSS Planning (9/21) (R)
Justin Tello, Representative, Auxiliary Services (9/21) (R)
Jim Vollrath, Representative, Facilities (9/22) (R)
Staci Wade, Representative, Treasurer (9/21) (R)

Reviews nominations and selects the FSS Team for recognition of their performance as a team on a quarterly basis. May also review proposals for the creation of additional recognition programs in the division. (Terms expire every three years, with three members rotating off each year; members may be reappointed.)