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Staff Employee Recognition Committee

Nancy Nusbaum, Associate Vice President, Finance and Support Services Planning, Chair (T)

Amy Aguirre, Representative, Student Affairs (9/22) (R)
Shetay Ashford-Hanserd, Representative, Provost/Academic Affairs (9/24) (R)
Alicia Barthel, Representative, University Administration (9/23) (R)
Holly Bazaldua, Representative, University Advancement (9/22) (R)
John Charlet, Representative, Finance and Support Services (9/23) (R)
Valarie Fleming, Representative, Provost/Academic Affairs (9/23) (R)
Dorothy Gonzales, Representative, President (9/23) (R)
Annette Hamon, Representative, University Advancement (9/24) (R)
Amanda Scott, Representative, Information Technology (9/22) (R)
Joel Soto, Representative, Finance and Support Services (9/24) (R)
Christie Stampley, Representative, Information Technology (9/22) (R)
Erica Szpynda, Representative, Athletics (9/24) (R)
To Be Named, Representative, Student Affairs (9/24) (R)

Reviews nominations, verifies eligibility and work performance, and recommends to the President the selection of the monthly and annual recipients of the employee recognition award.  Reviews nominations and selects the quarterly recipient of the Texas State Team Recognition Award.  Also reviews and recommends new recognition proposals for approval by the President's Cabinet.