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Insurance Committee

Katherine Beamer, Environmental Health and Safety Specialist, Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management, Chair (T)

Dan Alden, Representative, Procurement and Strategic Sourcing (R)
Sunny Burlew, Real Estate and Planning Manager, Finance and Support Services Planning (T)
Alyssa Clift, Representative, Student Association for Campus Activities (R)
Heather Houston, Representative, Human Resources (R)
Brian McKay, Director, Facilities Management (T)
Daniel Owen, Chief Information Security Officer, Information Security Office (T)
Cindi Scheid, Assistant Director, Accounting (T)
Alex Vogt, Representative, Transportation Services (R)
To Be Named, Representative, Student Health Center (R) 

Review insurance policies and recommends changes to improve coverage especially for newly recognized issues. The committee reviews claims and recommends measures to reduce future claims.