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Extended Business Services Council

Eric Algoe, Vice President, Finance and Support Services, Chair (T)

Madeline Davila Adams, Director, Payroll and Tax Compliance (T)
Dan Alden, Director, Procurement and Strategic Sourcing (T)
Lisa Allen, Director, Student Business Services (T)
Blake Bissing, Manager, Compensation, Human Resources (T)
Cristine Black, Assistant Vice President, Budgeting, Financial Planning, and Analysis (T)
Gordon Bohmfalk, Director, Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction (T)
Katie Bonner, Manager, HR Master Data Center, Human Resources (T)
Darryl Borgonah, Associate Vice President, Financial Services (T)
Lisa Braun, Director, Accounting (T)
Doug Bynum, Director, Facilities Operations (T)
Carole Clerie, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources (T)
Pat Cochran, Captain, University Police Department (T)
Tammy Coyle, Manager, Employee Relations, Human Resources (T)
James Dixon, Interim Director, University Police Department (T)
Anna Edmonds, Executive Assistant, Finance and Support Services (T)
James Frye, Fire Marshall, Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management (T)
Frank Gonzalez, Director, Materials Management & Logistics (T)
Gordon Green, Interim Associate Vice President, Facilities (T)
Steve Herrera, Director, Transportation Services (T)
Heather Houston, Manager, Benefits, Human Resources (T)
Nathan Lawrence, Director, Grounds and Waste Management Operations (T)
Sandra Martinez, Manager, ID Services (T)
Wendy McCoy, Director, Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management (T)
Brian McKay, Director, Facilities Management (T)
Nancy Nusbaum, Associate Vice President, Finance and Support Services Planning (T)
Dey Romo Rossell, Public Information Specialist, University Police (T)
John Root, Director, Auxiliary Services (T)
Tracy Ryan, Assistant Director, Budgeting, Financial Planning, and Analysis (T)
Vanessa Salazar, Manager, Organizational Development and Communication, Human Resources (T)
Valarie Van Vlack, Treasurer (T)
Jim Vollrath, Director, Utilities Operations (T)
To Be Named, Assistant Director, Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management (T)

Ex Officio:
Steven McGee, Director, TSUS Office of Internal Audit (T)

Provides to the Vice President for Finance and Support Services in a discussion format, information, opinions, and advice on issues impacting the achievement of the mission of the division.