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FSS Diversity Committee

Ms. Mackenzie Mitchell, Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management, Chair (Professional) (9/14-9/20)

Ms. Alma Apodaca, FSS Planning (Clerical) (9/17-9/20)
Ms. LynnAnn Brewer, Human Resources (Administrative) (9/18-9/21)
Ms. Barbara Burns, Facilities (Skilled) (9/18-9/21)
Ms. Letty Gaitan, Treasurer (Clerical) (9/17-9/20)
Mr. Alec Lucio, Financial Services (Service) (9/18-9/21)
Mr. Ray McKinney, University Police Department (Technical) (9/18-9/21)
Ms. Carmelita Mendoza, Financial Services (Professional) (9/18-9/21)
Mr. Charlie Salas, Student Affairs
Mr. Justin Tello, Auxiliary Services (Skilled) (9/19-9/22)
Mr. Cleve Thorn, Budgeting, Financial Planning, and Analysis (Professional) (9/18-9/21)
To Be Named, Facilities (Administrative) (9/19-9/22)

Assesses the FSS division on diversity, recommends, and implements effective diversity initiatives to meet the division's diversity goals and ensures FSS achieves the University goals in the strategic plan.