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FSS Diversity Committee

Ms. Mackenzie Mitchell, Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management, Chair (Professional) (9/14-9/20)

Ms. Alma Apodaca, FSS Planning (Clerical) (9/17-9/20)
Ms. Cortney Akers, Auxiliary Services (Skilled) (9/18-9/21)
Ms. LynnAnn Brewer, Human Resources (Administrative) (9/18-9/21)
Ms. Barbara Burns, Facilities (Skilled) (9/18-9/21)
Ms. Letty Gaitan, Treasurer (Clerical) (9/17-9/20)
Mr. Alec Lucio, Financial Services (Service) (9/18-9/21)
Ms. Carmelita Mendoza, Financial Services (Professional) (9/18-9/21)
Mr. Charlie Salas, Student Affairs
Mr. Cleve Thorn, Budgeting, Financial Planning, and Analysis (Professional) (9/18-9/21)
Mr. Fermin Torrez, Facilities (Administrative) (9/13-9/19)
To Be Named Representative, University Police Department

Assesses the FSS division on diversity, recommends, and implements effective diversity initiatives to meet the division's diversity goals and ensures FSS achieves the University goals in the strategic plan.