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Staff Resources Committee

Mr. John McBride, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources, Chair (T)

Ms. Nabila Aikawa, Representative, Academic Affairs (R)
Ms. Amy Aguirre, Representative, Student Affairs (R)
Ms. Kristina Ayala, Representative, Finance and Support Services (R)
Ms. Jennifer Barker, Representative, University Advancement (R)
Mr. Jordan Guerrero, Representative, Human Resources (R)
Ms. Connie Hackney, Representative, Information Technology (R)
Ms. Alma Machado, Representative, Student Affairs (R)
Ms. Danielle McEwen, Representative, Academic Affairs (R)
Ms. Irene Ochwat, Representative, Information Technology (R)
Ms. Rita Ogg, Representative, Information Technology (R)
Ms. Camrie Pipper, Representative, Academic Affairs (R)
Ms. Vanessa Salazar, Representative, Human Resources (R)
Ms. Shelli Sears, Representative, Athletics (R)
To Be Named, Representative, Student Affairs (R)
Mr. Eric Algoe, Vice President, Finance and Support Services, Executive Sponsor (T)
Ms. Lora Ann (LA) Chafin, Executive Assistant, Vice President for Student Affairs (T)
Ms. Elizabeth Cruz, Representative, Human Resources (R)Ms. Mary Ann Mendoza, Executive Assistant, President’s Office (T)
Ms. Patricia Prado, Executive Assistant, Vice President for Finance and Support Services (T)
Ms. Stacey Rodriguez, Executive Assistant, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (T)
Ms. Christie Stampley, Executive Assistant, Vice President for Information Technology (T)
Ms. Cristina Tejeda, Executive Assistant, Vice President for University Advancement (T)
To guide Texas State University staff members toward updated resources needed to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently.