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Transfer Advisory Council

Mr. Carlos Laird, Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions, Chair (R)

Ms. Manda Anderson, Director of Academic Advising, College of Liberal Arts (T)
Ms. Stephanie Anderson, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management and Director, Undergraduate Admissions (T)
Ms. Micky Autrey, Director, Curriculum Services (T)
Mr. Richard Batey, Research Analyst, Institutional Research (R)
Ms. Amy Beck, Supervisor, Academic Advising, University College (T)
Dr. Jen Beck, Director, Retention Management and Planning (R)
Ms. Sara Boysen, Supervisor, Health Professions Academic Advising (T)
Dr. Charles Ever, Supervisor, College of Applied Arts Academic Advising Center (T)
Ms. Liane Gonzales, Transcript Evaluator (R)
Mr. Scott Ham, Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions (R)
Ms. Bree Henderson, Senior Admissions Counselor, Undergraduate Admissions (R)
Ms. Joya Konieczny, Director, Advising, College of Education (T)
Ms. Bethany Mellum, Supervisor, Academic Advising, McCoy College of Business Administration (T)
Ms. Kathleen Ransleben, Academic Advisor I, College of Fine Arts and Communication (R)
Mr. Rey Ramos, Director, PACE Advising Services (T)
Dr. Edna Rehbein, Assistant Vice President, Academic Affairs, Round Rock Campus (T)
Ms. Beverly Stoffel, Head Transcript Evaluator, Undergraduate Admissions (T)
Mr. Joel Sweeney, Academic Advisor I, Science and Engineering (R)
Ms. Reyna Vasquez, Senior Admissions Counselor, Undergraduate Admissions (R)

Student Members:
Mr. Ruben Becerra, President, Student Government (R)
Ms. Kara Brookbank, Student Ambassador (T)
Ms. Alexa Browning, Representative, Student Government (R)

Dr. Dann Brown, Dean, University College (T)
Mr. Gary Ray, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management and Marketing, Academic Affairs (R)

Studies the impacts of transfer admission process and requirements; recommends policies regarding the admission performance and special needs of transfer students; gives feedback on prospective and new transfer student perceptions of Texas State; facilitates interaction between two-year school counselors and Texas State personnel; and provides publicity to feeder institutions on Texas State requirements, transfer student performance, and other related topics.