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Teacher Education Council

Dr. Michael O'Malley, Dean, Education, Chair

Gwynne Ash, Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (R)
Lori Assaf, Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (R)
Melissa Bentley, Graduate Admissions Specialist, Graduate College (R)
Glynda Betros, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics (R)
Glenna Billingsley, Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (R)
Nathan Bond, Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (R)
Karl Boysen, Supervisor, Academic Advising Center, Fine Arts and Communication (R)
Lynn Brinckmeyer, Assistant Professor, Music (R)
Hunter Close, Associate Professor, Physics (R)
Sandra Duke, Senior Lecturer, Family Consumer Sciences (R)
Trace Etienne-Gray, Program Faculty, History (R)
Teri Evans-Palmer, Assistant Professor, Art and Design (R)
Injeong Jo, Assistant Professor, Geography (R)
Tim Kinard, Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
Joya Konieczny, Supervisor, Education Academic Advising Center (R)
Lindy Kosmitis, Lecturer, Liberal Arts (R)
Minda Lopez, Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (R)
Blain Mamiya, Lecturer, Chemistry and Biochemistry (R)
Karen Meaney, Chair and Professor, Health and Human Performance (T)
Sherri Mora, Senior Lecturer, Political Science (R)
Doug Morrish, Associate Professor, Agricultural Sciences (R)
Charise Pimentel, Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (R)
Nihat Polat, Chair and Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (T)
Renee Rainey, Senior Lecturer, Health and Human Performance (R)
Patricia Rocha, Director, Educator Preparation (T)
Vlasta Silhavy, Senior Lecturer, Theatre (R)
Jim Van Overschelde, Director, Evaluation and Research and Faculty, Educator Preparation (T)
Patrice Werner, Chair, Associate Dean, College of Education (R)
Nicole Wesley, Associate Professor, Dance (R)
Julie Westerland, Associate Professor, Biology (R)

Serves as a forum for discussion of teacher education matters on the campus and as an advisory internal body to the Dean of Education and the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs for various issues related to teacher education.