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Orientation Planning Committee

To Be Named, Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions, Chair

Ms. Lindley Alyea, Coordinator, Instructional Programs (R)
Ms. Kathryn Arnold, Coordinator, Student and Young Alumni Relations (R)
Mr. Scott Ayers, IT Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Information Technology (R)
Ms. Angelica Barrera, Director, PACE Advising (T)
Ms. Amy Beck, University College (R)
Dr. Jen Beck, Director, Retention Management and Planning (T)
Mr. Evan Boldt, Coordinator, New Student Orientation (T)
Dr. Daniel Brown, Dean, University College and Director, PACE Center (T)
Mr. Justin Canfield, Coordinator, New Student Orientation (T)
Dr. Wendi David, Faculty Senate Representative (R)
Ms. Autumn Guel, Supervisor, Enrollment and Advising, Round Rock Campus (T)
Mr. Johnathan Hernandez, Assistant Director, Informal Recreation (R)
Ms. Laurie Hindson, Assistant Director, Athletic Academic Center
Dr. Russell Hodges, Associate Professor, Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education, and School Psychology (R)
Mr. Louis Jimenez, University Registrar, Office of University Registrar (T)
Dr. Byron Kerr, Outreach Supervisor, Financial Aid and Scholarships (R)
Ms Jen LaGrange, IT Project Coordinator, Technology Resources (R)
Ms. Lanita Legan, Associate Director, Student Center (T)
Ms. Melanie Liddle, University Honors Program (R)
Mr. John Lowney, Housing and Residential Life (R)
Ms. Elizabeth Hewett, Student Business Services (R)
Ms. Bethany Mellum, Advisor, McCoy College of Business Administration (R)
Mr. Keylan Morgan, Director, Texas Success Initiative Program (T)
Dr. Michael Nava, Assistant Dean, University College (T)
Ms. Dena Thompson, Manager, ID Services (T)
Mr. Eli Trenado, Assistant Director, Housing and Residential Life (R)
Mr. Thomas "Scott" Trimble, Testing Lab Supervisor, Testing, Research Support, and Evaluation Center (T)
Mr. Ben Underwood, Coordinator, Housing and Residential Life (T)
Ms. Jennifer Wood, Assistant Director, Retention Management and Planning (R)

Ex Officio:
Ms. Stephanie Anderson, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management/Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Ms. Kristi Boyd, Systems Support Analyst, Undergraduate Admissions
Mr. Scott Ham, Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Student Members:
Ms. Leela Rao, Representative, Student Government (R)
To Be Named, Orientation Coordinator (R)
To Be Named, Orientation Coordinator (R)

Reviews policies and programming for New Student Orientation. The committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Director of Undergraduate Admissions and the Coordinator of Orientation by recommending policy and programming, and assisting in the implementation of orientation; recommends broad policies and fees to the President's Cabinet and establishes the orientation calendar. The committee reports to the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing.Committee typically meets twice per long semester; members serve one-year terms.