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Laboratory Safety Committee

Dr. Joe Bergh, Senior Lecturer, Biology, Chair (T)
Dr. Casey Smith, Manager, Shared Research Operations, Vice-Chair (T)

Dr. Ray G. Cook, Director, Engineer Support Services, Engineering (T)
Mr. Jeffrey Dell, Professor, Art and Design (T)
Dr. Jessica Dutton, Assistant Professor, Biology (T)
Dr. Sean Michael Kerwin, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry (T)
Dr. Soon-Jae Lee, Program Faculty, Engineering Technology (T)
Dr. Thomas Myers, Professor, Shared Research Operations (T)
Dr. Juan Gomez Ortega, Scientific Instrument Technician, Physics (T)
Dr. Thomas Patterson, Associate Professor, Clinical Laboratory Science (T)
Mr. Collin Payne, Supervisor, Lab Services Technician, Engineering Technology (T)
Dr. Ramona Salcedo, Assistant Professor, Family & Consumer Sciences (T)
Ms. Alissa Savage, Scientific Instrument Technician, Shared Research Operations (T)
Dr. Casey Smith, Manager, Shared Research Operations, Shared Research Operations (T)
Dr. Jitendra Tate, Associate Professor, Engineering (T)
To Be Named, Health and Human Performance (T)
To Be Named, Family and Consumer Sciences (T)
To Be Named, Agriculture (T)
To Be Named, Anthropology (T)
To Be Named, Art & Design (T)

Ex Officio:
Ms. Wendy McCoy, Director, Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management (T)
Mr. Chad Thomas, Supervisor, Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management (T)
Ms. Shea Cockrell, Supervisor, Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management (T)

The Laboratory Safety Committee reports to the Research Safety Committee which is part of the University Safety Committee. The Laboratory Safety Committee will support the Research Safety Committee through effective communication and support of laboratory safety and related policies and procedures.  The Laboratory Safety Committee provides a forum for implementing, maintaining, and enhancing the safety culture at Texas State.  The goal of the Laboratory Safety Committee is to promote compliance with applicable regulatory and institutional policies and procedures in order to ensure a safe and healthy work environment in the labs for faculty, staff, and students to provide a high quality academic setting.