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Distance and Extended Learning Steering Committee

Dr. Matthew Eichler, Associate Professor, Organization, Workforce, and Leadership Studies, Co-Chair (R)
Mr. Dana Willett, Director, Distance and Extended Learning, Co-Chair (T)

Ms. Carla Ackerson, Clinical Lecturer, Social Work (R)
Dr. Angela Ausbrooks, Associate Professor, Social Work (R)
Mr. Sherwood Bishop, Lecturer, Finance and Economics (R)
Mr. Josh Book, Assistant Director, Distance and Extended Learning (R)
Dr. Rachel Davenport, Senior Lecturer, Biology
Dr. Sharon Gronberg, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics (R)
Dr. Douglas Holschuh, Senior Lecturer, Curriculum and Instruction (R)
Ms. Ann Jensen, Director, Learning Experience Design, Distance and Extended Learning (T)
Dr. Todd Jewell, Chair and Professor, Finance and Economics
Ms. Marylyn Kajs-Wyllie, Clinical Associate Professor, Nursing (R)
Dr. William Kelemen, Chair and Professor, Psychology (R)
Ms. Jackie Moczygemba, Chair and Associate Professor, Health Information Management (R)
Dr. Judy Oskam, School Director and Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication (R)
Dr. Eric Paulson, Associate Dean, The Graduate College (T)
Ms. Claudia Roeschman, Associate Professor, Art and Design (R)
Mr. Brian Shanks, Director, Learning Spaces (T)
Ms. Rori Sheffield, Director, Mobile/Web Systems, Technology Resources (T)
Mr. Patrick Smith, Assistant Director, Learning Experience Design, Distance and Extended Learning (R)
Ms. Catherine Stevens, Director, ITAC (T)
Ms. Stephanie Towery, Librarian, University Libraries (T)
Dr. Miriam Williams, Director and Professor, Master of Arts in Technology Communication Program (R)

Ex Officio:
Dr. Vedaraman Sriraman, Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs

To develop policy, procedure and practice guidelines to promote distance-learning initiatives, facilitate student services for distance learners, and promote distance-learning programs and course proposals as appropriate to meet campus needs.