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Council of Funded Research

To Be Named, Chair

Dr. Gary Beall, Professor, Science and Engineering
Mr. Darryl Borgonah, Associate Vice President, Financial Services (T)
Mr. Mark Hughes, Associate Vice President, Technology Resources (T)
Dr. James LeSage, Professor Endowed Chair, Finance and Economics
Dr. Lisa Lloyd, Vice President, University Administration (T)
Mr. John McBride, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources (T)
Dr. Rodney Rohde, Associate Professor, Clinical Laboratory Science
Dr. Kim Rossmo, Professor, Criminal Justice and Criminology
Mr. Tom Shewan, Associate Vice President, Facilities
Dr. Melinda Villagran, Professor, Communication Studies

Ms. Kay Beauchamp, Director, Research Support Services (T)
Dr. Mike Blanda, Assistant Vice President, Research and Federal Relations (T)
Ms. Sarah Naper, Director, Research and Learning Services, University Libraries (T)

Provide advice to the Associate Vice President of Research and Federal Relations concerning the generation of grant proposals and the administration of funded grants.