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Financial Literacy Committee 2018-2019

Dr. Daniel Brown, Dean of University College and Director of PACE Center (Co-Chair) (T)
Dr. Christopher Murr, Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships (Co-Chair) (T)

Ms. Lisa Allen, Director, Student Business Services (R)
Ms. Stephanie Anderson, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management/Director, Undergraduate Admissions (T)
Ms. Catarina Dominguez, Grant Director, University College (R)
Dr. Jen Beck, Director, Retention Management and Planning (T)
Mr. Karl Boysen, Supervisor, College Academic Advising, Fine Arts and Communication (R)
Ms. Toni Bryant, Assistant Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships (R)
Dr. Kimberlee Davis, Associate Professor of Consumer Affairs, Assistant Director of School of Family and Consumer Sciences (R)
Dr. Charles Evers, Supervisor, College Academic Advising, Applied Arts (R)
Ms. Dede Gonzales, Associate Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships (R)
Dr. John Kerr, Assistant Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships (R)
Dr. Sheyenne Krysher, Assistant Director, Career Services (T)
Ms. Bryttne Lowden, Supervisor, Student Services, Round Rock Campus (R)
Dr. Michael Nava, Associate Dean, University College (R)
Ms. Rachael Weldon-Caron, Grant Director, Student Support Services (R)

Student Member:
To Be Named, Student Representative (R)

Ex Officio:
Mr. Gary Ray, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management and Marketing (T)

To advise and promote initiatives that facilitate financial literacy among students and minimize their potential for defaulting on federal and other student loans.