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Faculty Development Advisory Committee

Catherine Hawkins, Professor, Chair (T)

Kambra Bolch, Associate Dean, University College (R)
Matthew Brooks, Professor, Health Professions (R)
Andrea Golato, Dean, Graduate College (R)
Ron Haas, Program Faculty, Honors College (R)
Jodi Holschuh, Chair and Professor, Education (R)
Joey Martin, Professor, Fine Arts and Communication (R)
Aimee Roundtree, Professor, Liberal Arts (R)
Paula Williamson, Professor, Science and Engineering (R)

Ex Officio:
Scott Bowman, Special Assistant to Provost, Inclusion and Diversity, Associate Professor, Applied Arts (T)
Candace Hastings, Director, Faculty Development (T)

The Faculty Development Advisory Committee consists of representatives from each college and is advisory to the Associate Provost. The committee assists in identifying and prioritizing faculty development programs, promoting initiatives that enhance excellence and opportunities for faculty, and addressing other issues related to the career development of faculty in the areas of teaching, research, and scholarship, and service.