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Human Resources System Stakeholders Team

Mr. John McBride, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources, Chair
Ms. Michelle Moritz, Associate Director, Human Resources, Vice Chair

Ms. Madeline Davila Adams, Director, Payroll and Tax Compliance (T)
Mr. Darryl Borgonah, Associate Vice President, Financial Services (T)
Ms. Nancy Brister, Senior Business Process Analyst, Core Systems (T)
Ms. Melinda Grimes, Program Specialist, Core Systems (T)
Ms. Cyndie Holmes, Internal Auditor, TSUS Office of Internal Audits (T)
Ms. Donna Hoyland, Assistant Director, Budgeting, Financial Planning, and Analysis (T)
Ms. Gaye Korenek, Director, Faculty and Academic Resources (T)
Ms. Joyce Munoz, Associate Director, Core Systems (T)

The Human Resources (HR) System Stakeholders team is established to evaluate, investigate, review, and monitor the Human Resources system capability and business practices on behalf of Texas State University.