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Financial Information System Stakeholders Team

Mr. Darryl Borgonah, Associate Vice President, Financial Services (Chair) (T)
Ms. Joyce Munoz, Associate Director, Core Systems (Vice Chair) (T)

Ms. Madeline Davila Adams, Director, Payroll and Tax Compliance (T)
Mr. Dan Alden, Director, Procurement and Strategic Sourcing (T)
Ms. Marivel Alvarez, Director, Research Support Services, Sponsored Programs (T)
Ms. Michele Bauman, Representative, Center for Children and Families (R)
Ms. Kay Beauchamp, Director, Research Support Services, Sponsored Programs (T)
Ms. Martha Bird, Representative, College of Applied Arts (R)
Dr. Michael Blanda, Assistant Vice President, Research and Federal Relations (T)
Ms. Lisa Braun, Director, Accounting (T)
Mr. Albert Cheng, Representative, LBJ Student Center (R)
Ms. Margie Chivington, Representative, Core Systems (R)
Ms. Jamie Donaldson, Representative, Liberal Arts (R)
Mr. Frank Gonzalez, Director, Materials Management and Logistics (T)
Ms. Sharla Gutierrez, Representative, Meadows Center for Water and the Environment (R)
Ms. Krista Haynes, Representative, Campus Recreation (R)
Ms. Cyndie Holmes, Representative, Audits and Analysis (R)
Ms. Donna Hoyland, Assistant Director, Budgeting, Financial Planning, and Analysis (T)
Ms. Carrie Langford, Assistant Director, Admin Services, University Libraries (T)
Ms. Linda Meyer, Representative, Science and Engineering (R)
Ms. Mary Ann Ortiz-Moerke, Representative, Dean of Students (R)
Ms. Shane Pierce, Representative, Biology (R)
Mr. Chris Reynolds, Representative, Finance and Support Services Planning (R)
Mr. Jose Rodriguez, Representative, Information Technology (R)
Ms. Margie Rodriguez, Representative, Health Professions (R)
Mr. John Root, Director, Auxiliary Services (T)
Ms. Cindi Scheid, Assistant Director, Accounting (T)
Ms. Paula Slocombe, Representative, University Advancement (R)
Ms. Renae Smith, Representative, Student Business Services (R)
Mr. James Sablic, Representative, Housing and Residential Life (R)
Ms. Teresa Sturm, Representative, Fine Arts and Communication (R)
Ms. Cindy Waggoner, Representative, Academic Affairs (R)
Ms. Jenny Wiley, Representative, Core Systems (R)
To Be Named, Representative, Athletics (R)
To Be Named, Representative, Education (R)
To Be Named, Representative, Edwards Aquifer Research Center (R)
To Be Named, Representative, Facilities (R)
To Be Named, Representative, McCoy College of Business Administration (R)
The Financial Information System Stakeholders Group is established to evaluate, investigate, review, and monitor the Financial System capability and business practices on behalf of Texas State University.