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WHEREAS, The Board of Regents, The Texas State University System, exercises exclusive and final authority to supervise and control all matters concerning the public business of each university in its jurisdiction; and

WHEREAS, The President of each institution is charged by the Board of Regents with the responsibility of developing and maintaining efficiency and excellence within the institution committed to his charge; and

WHEREAS, In meeting this responsibility, the President may appoint faculty, staff members, and students to councils, committees, and other bodies to review and make recommendations to the Office of the President of the University on any matters assigned for consideration by the President; now

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED That the authority of advisory councils, committees, and other bodies shall be limited to reviewing, offering suggestions, and making recommendations on any pertinent matters related to the University's operation; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED That all such recommendations and suggestions shall be made to and channeled through the Office of the President of the University; and that the responsibility for directing, controlling or supervising the operations or activities of the University shall reside in the President, subject to the final authority of the Board of Regents and to such review and approval as may be determined by the Board.

Adopted by The Texas State University System Board of Regents on August 13, 1976, Austin, Texas.