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Athletic Advisory Council (Athletics)

Dr. Vicki Brittain, Faculty Athletics Representative, Chair

Dr. Dann Brown, Dean, University College/PACE
Ms. Suzanne Fox, Assistant University Registrar
Dr. Michelle Hamilton, Faculty Senate (2018)
Ms. Laurie Hindson, Assistant Dean, College Athletic Academic Center
Dr. Ronald Johnson, Faculty Member at Large
Mr. Charles Kaufman, Faculty Senate (2017)
Dr. Joseph Kotarba, Faculty Member at Large
Dr. Lisa Lloyd, Special Assistant to the President (T)
Dr. Kay Nicols, Faculty Senate (R) (2019)
Mr. Terence Parker, Coalition of Black Faculty and Staff (R)
Ms. Kristi Poe, Associate Director, Alumni Relations (R)
Dr. Barbara Sanders, Faculty Member at Large, (R) (2010)
Ms. Tracy Shoemake, Associate Athletic Director (T)
Mr. Jesse Silva, Hispanic Policy Network
Dr. Dennis Smart, Faculty Member at Large
Ms. Kelsey Solis, NCAA Athletics Compliance Officer
Dr. Larry Teis, Director, Athletics (T)
Dr. Debbie Thorne, Academic Affairs (R)

Student Members:
Mr. John Lilly, Student Athlete (Male)
Ms. Hailey MacKay, Student Athlete (Female)
Ms. Jenny Glang, Representative, Student Government
Ms. Tabetha Gonzales, Representative, Student Government
Mr. Christopher Noble, Representative, Student Government

Recommends to the Athletic Director policies and programs for intercollegiate athletics at Texas State University, including activities related to emphasizing the importance of rules compliance.Council meets as needed and members serve one-year terms, which may be renewed.