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Council on Inclusive Excellence

Ms. Ameerah McBride, Chief Diversity Officer, and Director, Equity and Inclusion, Chair (T)

Dr. Sherri Benn, Assistant Vice President and Director, Student Diversity and Inclusion (T)
Dr. Scott Bowman, Special Assistant to the Provost for Inclusion and Diversity (T)
Dr. Mary Brennan, Council of Academic Deans (R)
Dr. Michael Casey, President, Texas State Alliance (T)
Ms. Laurie Clouse, Chief of Police, University Police Department (T)
Mr. Dan Eggers, Director, University Marketing (T)
Ms. Jan Lynn King, Round Rock Campus (R)
Ms. Stephanie Korcheck, Chair, Staff Council (T)
Dr. Lisa Lloyd, Special Assistant to the President (T)
Dr. Benjamin Martin, Faculty Senate (R)
Mr. John McBride, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources (T)
Dr. Angela Murphy, Council of Chairs (R)
Ms. Sandy Pantlik, Assistant Vice President, Communications (T)
Ms. Tracy Shoemake,  Athletics (R)
Mr. Jesse Silva, President, Hispanic Policy Network (T)
Dr. Stella Silva, Manager of Diversity Initiatives, Equity and Inclusion (T)
Dr. Carlos Solis, Instructional Technologies (R)
Dr. Skyller Walkes, President, Coalition of Black Faculty and Staff (T)
Dr. Shannon Weigum, Presidential Fellow (T)

Student Members:
Ms. Alison Castillo, President, Student Government (T)
Ms. Amarilis Castillo, Student Representative, Graduate House (R)
Ms. Samantha Flores, Student Representative, Residence Hall Association (R)
Ms. Nahara Franklin, Student Representative, Student Foundation (R)
Ms. Cassidy Wright, Student Representative, Underrepresented Student Advisory Council (R)

The Council on Inclusive Excellence, chaired by the Chief Diversity Officer, is an advisory committee to the university President consisting of representatives of key constituent groups of the university. The committee will evaluate and offer feedback on issues related to inclusion and diversity, including the development of strategies for fostering a welcoming and inclusive learning, research, and work environment. The committee is expected to meet regularly throughout the year and the membership of the committee will promote interactions and informal dialogue between the committee and the Texas State University community.