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Council for Inclusive Excellence (VPUAdm)

Stella Silva, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Inclusive Excellence for Faculty and Staff Initiatives, Interim Chief Diversity Officer, Co-Chair (T)
To Be Named, Co-chair (T)

Scott Bowman, Special Assistant to the Provost for Inclusion and Diversity (T)
Mary Brennan, Representative, Council of Academic Deans (R)
Matthew Carmichael, Director, University Police Department (T)
Michael Casey, Chair, LGBTQIA+ Advisory Board and Network (T)
Joni Charles, President, Coalition of Black Faculty and Staff (T)
Brian Clason, Representative, Texas School Safety Center (R)
Dana Fitzpatrick, Representative, Institutional Inclusive Excellence for Student Initiatives (R)
Valarie Fleming, Assistant Vice President, Curriculum Services (T)
Dwonna Goldstone, Director, African American Studies (T)
Jeff Helgeson, Representative, Council of Chairs (R)
Benjamin Martin, Representative, Faculty Senate (R)
Elias Martinez, Assistant Vice President, University Marketing (T)
Gloria Martinez, Director, Center for Diversity and Gender Studies, Latina/o Studies (T)
Vincent Morton, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs and Dean of Students (T)
Sandy Pantlik, Assistant Vice President, Communications (T)
Fernando Rojas, ADA Compliance Coordinator (T)
Vanessa Salazar, Representative, Human Resources (R)
Tracy Shoemake, Representative, Athletics (R)
Jesse Silva, President, Hispanic Policy Network (T)
Michelle Sotolongo, Coordinator, Texas State Monarch Center for Immigrant Students (T)
Jessica Soukup, President, ALLIANCE at Texas State (T)
Jonathan Tyner, Representative, International Affairs (R)
To Be Named, Representative, Faculty of Color Organization (R)
To Be Named, Talent Acquisition and Inclusion, Institutional Inclusive Excellence for Faculty and Staff Initiatives (T)

Student Members:
Alec Tavares, Student Representative, Student Government

The Council on Inclusive Excellence is an advisory group to the university President consisting of representatives of key constituent groups throughout the university. The Council will evaluate and offer feedback and recommendations on institutional-level issues related to justice, equity and diversity, including the development of strategies for fostering an inclusive learning, research, and work environment. The Council is expected to meet regularly throughout the year and the membership of the Council will promote the elevation and education of just practices throughout classrooms, campuses, and communities.