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Campus Facilities Planning Committee (VPFSS)

Nancy Nusbaum, Associate Vice President, Finance and Support Services Planning, Chair (T)

Todd Ahlman, Representative, Center for Archaeological Studies (R)
Rebecca Bell-Metereau, Representative, Environment Sustainability Committee (R)
Jayme Blaschke, Representative, University Advancement (R)
Kambra Bolch, Representative, University College (R)
Gordon Bohmfalk, Director, Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction (T)
Matt Brooks, Representative, Health Professions (R)
Laurie Clouse, Director, University Police Department (T)
Kyle Estes, Associate Director, Housing and Residential Life (T)
Kevin Gilley, Representative, Fine Arts and Communications (R)
Ronald Hagelman, Representative, Faculty Senate (R)
Steve Herrera, Director, Transportation Services (T)
William Kelemen, Representative, Liberal Arts (R)
Michael Krzywonski, Director, Network Operations (T)
Jodi Holschuh, Representative, Education (R)
Wendy McCoy, Director, Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management (T)
Douglas Morrish, Representative, Applied Arts (R)
Vincent Morton, Representative, Student Affairs (R)
Fernando Rojas, ADA Compliance Coordinator, Institutional Compliance (T)
John Root, Director, Auxiliary Services (T)
Brian Shanks, Director, Learning Spaces (T)
Tom Shewan, Associate Vice President, Facilities (T)
Joel Soto, Representative, Round Rock Campus (R)
Gavin Steiger, Representative, Disability Services (R)
Harold Stern, Representative, Science and Engineering (R)
Jeremy Stolfa, Representative, Athletics (R)
Debbie Thorne, Representative, Academic Affairs (R)
Aaron Wallendorf, Representative, Spring Lake (R)
Illona Weber, Representative, Staff Council (R)
David Wierschem, Representative, McCoy College of Business Administration (R)

Ex Officio:

Sunny Burlew, Real Estate and Planning Manager, Finance and Support Services Planning (T)
Doug Bynum, Director, Facilities Operations
Don Compton, Assistant Director, Special Projects, Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction (T)
Frank Gonzalez, Director, Materials Management and Logistics (T)
Chris Reynolds, Facilities Inventory Coordinator, Finance and Support Services Planning (T)
To Be Named, Assistant Director, Capital Projects, Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction (T)

Student Members:
Keairra Haynes, Representative, Student Government
Hayden Wilson, Representative, Student Government
To Be Named, Representative, Residence Hall Association
To Be Named, Representative, Underrepresented Student Advisory Council

The charge of the Committee is to provide strategic direction for the dissemination of capital funds, the allocation of space as a university resource, and modifications to facilities in general to appropriately support the university's Strategic Plan and the Campus Master Plan. The Committee recommends to the President, annually, updates to the Higher Education Assistance Funds table and related construction timelines. The Committee recommends to the President, annually, updates to the deferred maintenance schedule. Committee meets once a month, although sometimes approvals are handled by email. The committee meets during the summer and membership terms are renewable.