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Academic Standards Committee

Dr. Crystal Oberle, Professor, Psychology, Chair (2021)

Ms. Tricia Boucher, Librarian, University Libraries (2022)
Dr. Kimberlee Davis, Associate Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences (2022)
Dr. Darcy Downey, Clinical Assistant Professor, Health and Human Performance (2022)
Dr. Star Mitchell, Assistant Professor, St. David's School of Nursing (2020) 
Dr. Raymond Niekamp, Associate Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication (2021)
Dr. Steve Whitten, Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry (2021)
Dr. Randall Young, Assistant Professor, Accounting (2020)

Ex Officio:
Ms. Stephanie Anderson, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment and Director/Undergraduate Admissions (T)
Dr. Sherri Benn, Assistant Vice President and Director, Student Diversity and Inclusion (T)
Dr. Gene Bourgeois, Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs (T)
Dr. Larry Chapa, Director, Testing, Evaluation, and Measurement Center (T)

Reviews and initiates proposals that affect university academic standards, including changes in admissions requirements, graduation requirements, grade-point requirements/enrollment barriers, and probation/suspension standards, as well as proposals related to assessment, testing, and advanced standing and accreditation, and makes recommendations to the Faculty Senate. The committee is comprised of one faculty member per college, plus one Library representative.