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Library Committee

Dr. Julio G. Dix, Professor, Mathematics, Chair (2020)

Dr. Stephanie Asbell, Assistant Professor, Music (2021)
Ms. Jessica Bowers, Lecturer, Communication Disorders (2019)
Dr. Alyson Collins, Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (2019)
Dr. Richard Dixon, Professor, Geography (2020) 
Dr. Rebekah Fox, Associate Professor, Communication Studies (2019)
Dr. Matari Gunter, Lecturer, Management (2020)
Dr. Susan Hall, Clinical Assistant Professor, Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education and School Psychology (2021)
Dr. Catherine Jaffe, Professor, World Languages (2019)
Dr. Eun Hae Kim, Assistant Professor, Social Work (2021)
Ms. Dianna Morganti, Librarian, University Libraries (2020)
Dr. Diego Vacaflores Rivero, Associate Professor, Finance and Economics (2019)
Ms. Arlene Salazar, Librarian, University Libraries (2021)
Dr. Dan Tamir, Associate Professor, Finance and Economics (2019)

Ex Officio:
Ms. Joan Heath, Associate Vice President, University Libraries (Non-Voting) (T)
To Be Named, (Non-Voting) (R)

Student Members: 
Ms. Claudia Gasponi, Representative, Student Government (R)
Ms. Stormi Rodriguez, Representative, Student Government (R)

Recommends policies for the operation of the library and popularizes its resources. The committee is comprised of 12 faculty members, plus two Library representatives and two students appointed by the Associated Student Government.