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Academic Freedom Committee

Dr. Vince Luizzi, Professor, Philosophy, Chair (2018)

Dr. Nathan Pino, Professor, Sociology (2022)
Dr. Lucas Rusnak, Assistant Professor, Mathematics (2022)
Dr. Emily Summers, Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (2020)
Ms. Stephanie Towery, Librarian, University Libraries (2020)
Ms. Renee Wendel, Senior Lecturer, Communication Disorders (2022)

Ex Officio:
Dr. Patrick Smith, Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
Dr. Amanda Soto, Assistant Professor, Music
Mr. Steve Wilson, Professor, English

Academic freedom is fundamental to a university and all faculty have a compelling interest in its preservation, as it is vital to them as well as to university librarians, students, and guests. As such, the Faculty Senate and its Academic Freedom Committee (AFC) assume joint responsibility for ensuring that it prevails. AFC may call upon the Senate to take up matters for action and the Senate may refer matters to the AFC for consideration.