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In Memoriam 2006 - 2015

2015 Memorials

November 9, 2015 James W. Pohl Dr. Pohl was a retired faculty member in the Department of History. Dr. Pohl was awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching and Distinguished Professor Emeritus. He established the graduate and undergraduate field of military history at Texas State. He also served as chair of the Faculty Senate from 1974-1977. Dr. Pohl dedicated 46 years of service to his profession at Texas State.
October 14, 2015 Robert E. Pulver Mr. Pulver’s life career was advertising, primarily with General Electric. He ended his 32-year career with GE as onsite manager of GE’s operations at Disney’s EPCOT Center in Orlando. He retired in 1994 from Texas State’s Department of Mass Communication as assistant professor after eight years on the faculty. He was a past president of the Friends of Fine Arts.
August 31, 2015 Dr. Marguerite K. Gillis Dr. Gillis was a retired faculty member in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Gillis was awarded the Dinstinguished Professor Emerita. She also served as a member of the Faculty Senate.
July 25, 2015 William C. Newberry Dr. Newberry was a retired faculty member in the Texas State University in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Newberry was awarded the title of Associate Professor Emeritus and Distinguished Alumni just to name a few.
July 22, 2015 Daniel L. Hannon Dr. Hannon was a retired faculty member in the Department of Theatre and Dan. He was awarded the Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Theatre in 2008. In 1981, he established the bachelor of fine arts degree in theatrical design and technology, a nationally recognized program today.
May 17, 2015 Henry N. McEwen Dr. McEwen was a retired Professor Emeritus of Texas State University in the Department of Mathematics, former chair of the 12th (’70-’71), 15th (’73-’74) and 23rd (’81-’82) Faculty Senate and a member of RFSA.
January 16, 2015 John Wilbur Hopson Mr. Hopson was a retired faculty member of Texas State University in the Department of Chemistry/Biochemistry and a member of RFSA.

2013 - 2014 Memorials

November 3, 2014 Wren Ansell Giesen An alumni of SWT Teachers College (Bachelors of Science 1937), and later in life employed at the University from 1963-1984 she was a retiree of Texas State University and a member of the Retired Faculty and Staff Association.
October 20, 2014 Kirk Michael Johnson Kirk was the son of Dr. Charles Johnson.
October 17, 2014 Carolyn Sue Wells Carolyn Sue spent most of her working career employed by Southwest Texas State University, beginning in the Department of Financial Aid and ending with her retirement in 2004 from Residence Life.
September 22, 2014 David M. Gish David worked with the Texas State Athletic Training staff for 25 years, including 17 years as the head athletics trainer. His tenure with Texas State began in 1990.
September 11, 2014 Foster Leroy Marlow Foster was a Professor Emeritus who taught in the School of Art & Design 1968-1991
September 3, 2014 Eric Weller Eric was a retired Professor of Art & Design.
June 4, 2014 Darrell G. Graves Mr. Graves was a current employee and began working at Texas State University in February of 2001. He was the Head Plumber within the Financial Support Services Division in the Department of Facilities.
May 23, 2014 Bruce J. Lockhart Bruce worked as a Research Analyst in the Office of Institutional Research at Texas State from 1998 through 2010.
March 2, 2014 Hal Tucker Blythe Dr. Blythe was a retired Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction from September 1968 until his retirement in 1998.
February 27, 2014 William David Liddle Dr. Liddle was an Associate Professor in the Department of History at Texas State from September 1962 until his retirement in 2002. Dr. Liddle had continued as a working retiree through 2013 in the Honors College and Department of History.
January 31, 2014 Sally Caldwell Dr. Caldwell was an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology in the College of Liberal Arts and began her career at Texas State in December of 1995.
January 29, 2014 Robert J. Olney Bob played a significant part in the life of the McCoy College of Business Administration. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, he taught briefly at California State University, Northridge before joining Texas State University in 1982. Bob served as McCoy College of Business Administration Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Business Programs from 1985 until his retirement in 2009. He was devoted to Texas State, his students, and colleagues.
January 24, 2014 Karen Black Stachowitz Karen began her career at Texas State in 1994 and retired in 2013 from the Graduate College as the Admissions Coordinator.
December 16, 2013 Anne Sebson Glaves Anne Sebeson Glaves the spouse of Robert F. Glaves (deceased) former faculty member of the Department of Journalism.
December 6, 2013 Patrick E. Cassidy Dr. Patrick E. Cassidy was Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry for 39 years and served as Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs for 14 years.
November 9, 2013 Donna Marlene Canuel Joy Donna earned a Master’s Degree in English literature from Texas State University. She taught elementary school for the Austin Independent School District and writing for Austin Community College. In 1992, Donna was hired as the Instructional Programs Coordinator for the Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC) at Texas State University. She started SLAC’s Supplemental Instruction (SI) program with the Departments of History and Mathematics. The SI program grew tremendously thanks to the solid foundation that Donna built. Donna was also in charge of SLAC’s outreach programming, publicity, and public relations. Donna retired from Texas State University in 2005.
September 16, 2013 Irma D. Lewis Ms. Lewis began her career with Texas State in 1993 as a Student Teacher Supervisor in the Department of Human Health Performance until her retirement in 2006. She was a working retiree until her passing at Texas State.
September 14, 2013 Billy Glenn Moore Billy began his 35 year employment with Texas State University in 1965 until his retirement in 2003. He taught in the English Department for 15 years. From 1986 to 1999, he served as Director of Public Affairs and as Director of Regional and Economic Planning from 1999 to 2003.
September 8, 2013 Ted R. Watkins Dr. Watkins was a Professor Emeritus (Lifetime Designation) in the School of Social Work. He began teaching at Texas State in January 2000 until his retirement in August 2011.
August 27, 2013

Ms. Phyllis G. Thomas

Ms. Thomas worked in administration with the government most of her career, finishing at Texas State University before retirement. Phyllis was a longtime member of First Lockhart Baptist Church, where she established herself as a friend, confidante and "second mother" to many young people.
August 6, 2013 Major Reed Carr, USAF (retired) Major Carr began his second career at Texas State University as the Assistant Director of Residence Life in the division of Student Affairs in August of 1971 until his retirement in May 1984.
August 5, 2013 Al Hays Dr. Hays was the spouse of Dr. Joan Hays, Distinguished Professor of Dance Emeritus, who taught at Texas State from 1964 – 2003.
July 8, 2013 Eugene “Gene” Frederick Morrow Mr. Morrow was the Director of Procurement Services under the division of Financial Support Services. His career began at Texas State in June of 1973 until his retirement in March 1987.
July 8, 2013 Robert L. Hardesty President Emeritus Hardesty was the university’s seventh president, having served from 1981 to 1988. He led Texas State through times of enormous progress for the university, and his leadership literally ushered in a new era for the school. President Emeritus Hardesty had a history of exceptional public service, as he served as speechwriter for President Johnson; as chairman of the board of governors for the U. S. Postal Service; and as vice chancellor for The University of Texas System.
June 30, 2013 Dennis Lafayette French Mr. French retired from the Facilities, Management and Repair Department in the division of Financial Support Services. He began his career at Texas State in June 1958 until his retirement in January of 1978.
May 23, 2014 Bruce J. Lockhart Bruce worked as a Research Analyst in the Office of Institutional Research at Texas State from 1998 through 2010.

April 19, 2013 Elizabeth Logan McDaniel Dr. McDaniel held the Professor Emeriti Lifetime Designation as a Professor of Educational Administration and Psychological Services. Dr. McDaniel was the founder of the School Psychology Program at Texas State University beginning in September of 1969 until her retirement in January 1986.
February 6, 2013 Mamie Lou Hughes Instructor from the Department of Health, PE and Recreation from 1975 until her retirement in 1991, RFSA member. Obituary published in the San Marcos Daily Record February 8, 2013.
January 12, 2013 Hazel Josephine Barton Spouse of James G. Barton (deceased) Distinguished Professor Emeritus, former Chair and Founder of the Theatre Department from 1946 until his retirement in 1980. Obituary published in the San Marcos Daily Record January 16, 2013.

2011 - 2012 Memorials

11/30/12 Mary Jo Flanders Widow of Tommy Jack Flanders (deceased) former Director of Auxilary Services from 1975 until his retirement in 1984.
11/08/12 Mr. Bobby Jarrett Mr. Jarrett was a staff member at Texas State University from 1966 until his retirement in 1997 as a Placement & Certification Officer in the College of Education. His obituary may be found in the Austin American Statesman.
10/18/12 Mr. Edwin M. Fauver, Jr. Began a long and full career of 28 years (1971) as the Director of the Physical Plant for Texas State University. He retired in January of 1999. RFSA member. Obituary published in the Waco Tribune-Herald on October 24, 2012.
09/30/12 Dr. Clarence C. Schultz, Jr. Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Sociology, began teaching at Texas State when it was Southwest Texas State College. Retired in 1990 after a career of forty one years of teaching. Won numerous awards, first chair of the Department of Sociology, was Acting Dean of the School of Liberal Arts in 77’-78’.
09/05/12 Mr. Thomas Carlyle Laws Spouse of Luba S. Laws, retired Assistant Professor from the Department of Modern Languages.
08/31/12 Dr. Stinson E. Worley Retired Professor in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction in the College of Education from 1966-1996. Obit published in the New Braunfels Herald Zeitung September 1, 2012
08/17/12 Mrs. Nancy C. Mergerson Staff member at Texas State from 1996 until her retirement as the Assistant Director of Financial Aid in August of 2008, and RFSA member.
08/06/12 Mr. Frederick J. March Retired Professor and Chair of the Department of Theatre at Texas State from September 1967-May 1999. Professor Emeriti (lifetime designation) and RFSA member.
06/12/12 Mr. James M. Pape Spouse of Dianne Rush Pape, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction of the College of Education.
06/21/12 Mrs. Florence Anne Beauchamp Brawner Mrs. Brawner a 1980 Alumni of Texas State, and was an Instructor in the Department of History from January 1983 until her retirement in 1998. Instructor Emeriti (lifetime designation).
06/01/12 Mrs. Anna Mae Harrelson Spouse of Don Harrelson, retired professor of the Department of Criminal Justice (1971-1987).
05/14/12 Mr. Isabel A. Aldape, Jr. Director of Custodial Services at Texas State from April 1999 until he retired in 2008.
05/07/12 Dr. James D. Elliott Professor and former Chair of the Department of Agriculture at Texas State from 1952-1981. Professor Emeriti (lifetime designation).
03/12/12 Mr. Ralph W. Wells, Jr. Mr. Ralph W. Wells, Jr. spouse of Carolyn Sue Wells, was a Construction Inspector at Texas State University in the Department of Facilities Operations from January 1984 until his retirement in August 1999.
02/26/12 Mrs. Benita Garcia Worked for Chartwell’s at Texas State University. Retired in 1993.
02/06/12 Dr. Howard Tidwell, Sr. Spouse of Barbara Tidwell, former Director of the Strutter Dance Team.
12/29/11 Dr. Allen Hellman Founding Chair and Professor of the Department of Geography. 01/01/66 to 08/31/84. Professor Emeriti (lifetime designation).
12/16/11 Dr. Joseph Bevilacqua Dean of Student Life at Texas State University. He retired as Special Assistant to the President for Enrollment Management. While he held these academic positions, he also maintained a license as a practicing psychologist and taught as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology. 08/01/76 to 03/31/92.
10/02/11 Dr. Jerry L. Thomas Professor in the Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction from 09/01/70 to 05/31/98. Professor Emeriti (lifetime designation).
09/08/11 Dr. Elizabeth R. Turpin School of Journalism from 09/01/82 to 05/31/85. Retired Faculty (lifetime designation).
08/20/11 Cecyl D. Stott Mr. Stott was an Assistant Professor of Accounting in the College of Business from 09/1971 to 05/31/2001. Obit in the San Marcos Daily Record August 22, 2011. Assistant Professor Emeriti (lifetime designation).
06/05/11 Elizabeth (Stilly) Stillman Elizabeth Stillman was employed as an Instructor in the Department of Health and Physical Education from 09/01/56 – 08/31/75.
05/01/11 Sylvia P. Zuniga Long time employee of 23 years retired in January 2011. Worked in Human Resources as an Accounting Clerk. Obit in the San Marcos Daily Record May 3, 2011.
04/01/11 Dr. Richard L. Davis An Associate Professor in the Dept. of Modern Languages from 09/01/65 to 05/31/84. Associate Professor Emeriti (lifetime designation).
02/18/11 James T. Middleton Mr. Middleton was an SCI Instrument Technician in the Dept. of Biology from 09/01/74 to 02/29/84.
01/12/11 Ernest Lee Bethke Fidler Mrs. Fidler was employed at Texas State from 1970-1981 as a Nurse, LVN at the Student Health Center.

2010 Memorials

12/31/10 Dr. John R. Ballard Professor Emeriti of Technology from 1956 – 1983 and an RFSA Member. Obit in the San Marcos Daily Record January 5, 2011.
11/23/10 Dr. Charles H. Pascoe Longtime professor in the Dept. of Theatre and Dance since 1981. Professor of child drama and director of children’s theatre at Texas State. Plays included: Candlestein, Foxtales, Cave Song, Backyard Story, Gecko 43, The Next Amendment, Slavemaker, Rodeo Mongolia, Oracle of the Balcones, A Gathering of Spirits, Emperor Toad and Kingfishers 3 and Blue. Obit in San Marcos Daily Record November 24, 2010.
11/13/10 Clarence Rhea Jennings Spouse of Charlene A. Jennings who retired in February 1990. Mrs. Jennings held positions as Librarian and Administrative Asst. in VPIT. Obit in the San Marcos Daily Record November 18, 2010.
11/11/10 Dr. Theodore F. Keck Professor Emeritus and Chair in the Department of Health, PE and Recreation from 1970 – 1989. Obit in the Austin American Statesman November 15, 2010.
10/9/10 Mrs. Elinor J. Ham (also known as Bobbie Wayne) Spouse of Harry C. Ham (deceased) a retiree of Texas State. Served in the College of Fine Arts & Communication in the Dept. of Music.
10/01/10 Dr. Frank B. Josserand Professor Emeriti in the Department of History from 1965 – 1999. Obit in the San Marcos Daily Record October 5, 2010.
09/25/10 Ms. Christine Lynn Fulmer Taught in the Dept of Philosophy, retired in October 2009. Obit in the San Marcos Daily Record October 3, 2010.
09/03/10 Tom L. Bambrick Spouse of Juanita Bambrick who retired from the Office of Sponsored Programs at Texas State in 1982. Obit in the San Marcos Daily Record September 5, 2010.
08/26/10 Lilly W. Norman Mrs. Norman was an Administrative Assistant in the College of Science from 1963 until her retirement in 1981. Obit in the San Marcos Daily Record August 29, 2010.
07/27/10 Mrs. Denise Ronan Taught and lectured in the Department of English from May 1973 to February 1992. Obit in the San Marcos Daily Record August 4, 2010.
07/16/10 Mrs. Esther E Jackson Blevins Began working at Texas State University in March 1962 until her retirement in January 1990. Mrs. Blevins was the Head Switchboard Operator in Telephone Operations under the VPIT Division. Obit in the San Marcos Daily Record July 20, 2010.
07/03/10 Mr. William “Bill” T. Schmidt Spouse of Dr. Darlene Schmidt, Associate Professor Emeriti of Health, Physical Education and Recreation from 1968 until her retirement in 2005.
04/21/10 Mrs. Lunelle A. Anderson Assistant Vice President/Financial Services, Dean of Women Emerita worked at the University from September 1967 to August of 1984.

2009 Memorials


12/02/2009 Mrs. Alida Archer Spouse of Benjamin F. Archer, Assistant Professor Emeritus of English. RFSA Member.
08/05/2009 Dr. J. Peter Coulson Professor of Theatre Emeritus. Taught at the University from 1970-1999. Member of the RFSA Organizing Committee. Obit San Marcos Record, 08/13.09.
07/19/2009 Dr. Walter Samuel Corrie, Jr. Professor Emeritus of Sociology who taught at SWT from 1966 until his retirement in 1991. Obit San Marcos Record, 07/21/09.
06/11/2009 Mr. Jeff W. Henderson Professor Emeritus of Journalism and Mass Communications and an RFSA Member. Taught at SWT from 1974 to 2003. Obit San Marcos Record, 6/14/09
06/05/2009 Mrs. Mary Frances Anderson Spouse of Dr. Robert E. Anderson, Professor Emeritus and former chair of Physics. Obit San Marcos Record, 06/14/09
05/20/2009 Mr. William Carroll Akin Associate Professor of Mathematics Emeritus who taught at SWT from 1956-1980. Obit San Marcos Record, 05/22/09.
05/04/2009 Mrs. Mildred Mitchell Cates Widow of Vice-President Jack C. Cates and of Mancil Mitchell, Director of Placement. Obit San Marrcos Record, 05/06/09.
04/26/2009 Ms. Camille Phillips SWT Librarian from 1967 to 1984. No obit published.
04/06/2009 Mr. Theodore J. Marek Retired Vice-President of Finance and Management who served SWT from 1966 to 1993. Obit San Marcos Record, 04/07/09
03/24/2009 Mrs. Billy M. Hardesty Retired Admin. Asst. Physics Dept.; widow of Psychology Prof. W.D. "Pete" Hardesty. Obit Austin American-Statesman, 03/27/09
03/08/2009 Mrs. Martha "Cozy" Shields Widow of business professor Mayron Shields, 1967-1977. Obit San Marcos Record 3/10/09
02/24/2009 Dr. Colleen Conoley Professor Emerita; Counseling and Guidance faculty from 1965-1991. Obit Austin American- Statesman, 02/27/09
01/20/2009 Mrs. Helen Van Gundy Instructor in the English Department, 1957 -1962. Obit San Marcos Record 1/21/2009
01/19/2009 Mr. William Marburger Plumber at SWT from 1984 until his retirement in 2004. Obit San Marcos Record 1/20/2009.

2008 Memorials

12/15/2008 Peggy Dean Chambers Financial Aid Assistant at SWT from 1971 until her retirement in 1988. Obit in San Marcos Record 12/17/08.
10/29/2008 Elenore "Ele" Evans Popular Assistant Registrar who served SWT for some thirty years. Obit San Marcos Record 10/21/08.
10/19/2008 Anne E. Walker Widow of deceased Math Prof. Ural Barr Walker who taught at SWT from 1947 to 1979.
09/21/2008 Margaret E. Bowers Widow of long-time Prof. and Chair of Industrial Arts, Victor L. Bowers. Obit San Marcos Record 9/24/08.
08/13/2008 Mary Ann Carman Wife of Distinguised Prof. Emeritus Gary Carman. Obit San Marcos Record 8/16/08
07/31/2008 Howard R. Yeargan Associate Prof. of Economics who taught at SWT from 1967 to 1993. Obit San Marcos Record 8/2/08.
07/26/2008 Arlene Jewel Lann Assistant Prof. of CIS Emerita who taught at SWT from 1958 to 1982. Obit San Marcos Record 7/29/08.
07/13/2008 John Morrisset Husband of Elizabeth (Beth) Morrisset, Correspondence and Extension Staff. Obit San Marcos Record 07/15/08
06/20/2008 Ilene Brown Former Associate Professor in Home Economics. Obit Knoxville News Sentinel.
05/25/2008 Gilbert Conoley Husband of Colleen Conoley Professor of Counseling and Guidance Emerita. Obit San Marcos Record 05/29/08.
05/14/2008 Kathryn H. Rich Wife of deceased Political Science Professor and Chair Francis M. Rich. Obit. San Marcos Record 05/22/08.
04/09/2008 Ruth Clayton Spouse of History Professor Boody Clayton; Hays County Tax Assessor-Collector from 1964-1994. Obit. Austin American 04/11/08.
03/26/2008 David R. Flores Retired SWT Criminal Justice Prof. and retired 20 year veteran of San Antonio Police Department.
03/20/2008 Marvin A. Johnston Professor of C I S & Administrative Sciences Emeritus.
03/03/2008 Mary E. Alderson Library Assistant from 1981 till retirement in 1990. Obit Lockhart Post-Register 03/07/08.
02/27/2008 Norman M. Whalen Professor of Anthropology Emeritus. Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.
02/23/2008 Jack Gravitt Distinguished Professor of English Emeritus, Chair of English, Dean of Liberal Arts
02/14/2008 Marty Juel Distinguished Prof. of C.&I. Emeritus. Obit San Marcos Record, 02/16/2008.
01/20/2008 Judith Kirtley Office of Veterans Affairs Staff. Obit San Marcos Record, 01/25/2008.
01/04/2008 Robert Bertram Ogle Retired English Professor (1978-1982).
01/01/2008 "Della" Brennen Emerita Social Work Professor (1970-1988). Obit San Marcos Record, 01/03/2008.

2007 Memorials

12/18/2007 Elinor Claire Frank Spouse of Dr. J. Edward "Ted" Frank (1909-1974), Art Professor, 1955-1973; Chair, 1959-1966. Obit San Marcos Record,12/23/2007.
12/05/2007 Bess Moore Hopson Spouse of retired Chemistry Professor, Wilbur Hopson. Obit Austin American-Statesman on 12/7/2007
12/04/2007 Julius Kroschewsky Staff at Catholic Student Center. Austin American-Statesman on 12/6/2007.
05/23/2007 Dorothy Henderson Widow of Dr. Richard B. Henderson, Distinguished Professor of Political Science Emeritus. Obit in Austin American-Statesman on 6/8/2007
04/25/2007 Harold Marburger Former Executive Director and later Chancellor of the Texas State University System. Obit in Austin American Statesman, 4/30/2007.
04/20/2007 Rosemary Davis Spouse of Dr. Richard L. Davis, Associate Professor of Modern Languages Emeritus.
04/13/2007 Tess Norris Widow Dr. William E. ("Henry") Norris, Distinguished Professor of Biology Emeritus and Dean of the University.
04/10/2007 Howard L. Nunley Dirctor of several men's dormitories during the 1960s and 1970s.
04/03/2007 Edward F. McGee Worked 28 years in the Grounds Department.
03/03/2007 Marjorie Green Spouse of Dr. Donald C. Green, Professor of Respiratory Care and Dean of the School of Health Professions Emeritus.
02/22/2007 Denise Harris Denise was an administrative assistant in the Faculty Records Department for 27 years.
01/20/2007 Rena Deck Widow of William L. Deck, long-time faculty member in the Department of Engineering & Technology.
01/13/2007 Howard Moon Commander of the ROTC at SWT, 1963-1968. After military retirement, Director of Student Services at Southwest Texas State University for 10 years.
01/10/2007 Ralph Harrel Professor of Music Emeritus; former chair of the Music Department and Dean of the School of Fine Arts.

2006 Memorials

12/11/2006 Carl Anderson Husband of Dean of Women Emerita Lunelle Anderson.
11/13/2006 Jeannette Pool Widow of long-time history professor, Dr. William C. Pool.
10/31/2006 Bill Kurtz Professor of Educational Administration in EAPS; first recipient of Presidential Award for Excellence in Service in 1999.