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Engaging Research

Summer 2019

AVPR Message


Walter Horton
Dr. Walter E. Horton

It’s summertime and the living is easy here on the Texas State campus.

That means the JCK frogs are jumping, the temperature’s high, and it’s time again for our summer issue of Engaging Research!

We’re proud of this issue as it shows a broad range of impactful research, something Texas State is increasingly known for. You’ll read about a team of wildlife ecologists monitoring Texas bats that support agriculture production; another team’s research into environmentally-friendly concrete production that could make a difference to Texas commuters on I-35 and other roads; an international research collaboration filling a critical gap in the story of feminism and women’s rights based in 18th Century Enlightenment Europe; and research to help close the health disparity gap for Asian Americans by taking into account cultural factors previously ignored.

You will also learn from one of our Research Coordinators about CoSearch, a College of Fine Arts and Communication initiative bringing researchers together for creative collaboration across disciplines. This annual event is coming up again in September, and the article includes a registration link.

Please join us in celebrating Texas State research and researchers by reading and sharing these inspiring stories.

Faculty Research Spotlight

Sarah Fritts - Department of Biology

Team of Texas State Wildlife Ecologists Work to Conserve Bats Across Texas

Hyunwoo Yoon - School of Social Work

Closing the Health Disparity Gap for Asian Americans

Faculty Research Spotlight

Fred Aguayo - Department of Engineering Technology

Reducing the Carbon Footprint in Concrete Construction

Catherine Jaffe - Department of World Languages and Literatures

The Junta de Damas Pioneers Women’s Rights

Research Coordinator Corner

CoSearch: A Growing Multidisciplinary Event

Across the U.S. and the world, research-based multidisciplinary projects have been a key driver for innovation. Contributing to this trend, Dr. Michael Burns and Dr. Marian Houser, two faculty members in the Department of Communication Studies, created CoSearch Weekend.

CoSearch: A Growing Multidisciplinary Event

About ORSP

Exciting research happens every day in every department of Texas State University. Our faculty generate new knowledge and catalyze ideas into reality, combining creativity and determination to achieve innovation.

Each semester, we feature some of these accomplished researchers in our newsletter, where they share their work and advice about funding, managing teams, and more. The newsletter also includes practical tips for finding collaborators, mentoring students, and using ORSP’s resources to the fullest.

Remember, ORSP is here to support your research from start to finish.    

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