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Engaging Research

Fall 2020

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AVPR Message

Walter Horton
Dr. Walter E. Horton

Welcome to the Fall 2020 edition of Engaging Research. I love sharing this newsletter because the stories remind us of the power of doing good for others, and that is especially important during this challenging time.

Texas, the nation, and the world benefit when dedicated researchers address real-world problems. In this edition, you will read about five great examples from across our campuses.  You will learn about the needs of families in Native American communities; the use of virtual reality to support our veterans; the development of new strategies to treat cancer and other diseases; the introduction of culturally relevant computer science into pre-K education; and the exploration of novel feedstuffs for cattle in response to global food demands. This is the kind of research with relevance that Texas State is known for.  

These stories send a message of hope and the power of science to deliver on that hope.  Right now, we could all use a good dose of hope, and science!  We will get through COVID-19, and along the way, the research community at Texas State will continue to focus on making the world a better place through science and innovation.  I don't have to hope for that—it’s a fact!  Be safe and well.

Faculty Research Spotlight

Vangelis Metsis - Computer Science

Multi-disciplinary Research Team Uses Virtual Reality to Help Veterans with PTSD

“Our team measured the effects of VR exposure in real-time by collecting physiological biosignals from sensors worn by test subjects.”

New Faculty Research Spotlight

Merritt Drewery - Department of Agricultural Sciences

AG Professor Comes Full Circle with Research and Mentorship

Judith Lindsay - St. David's School of Nursing

Caring for Children and Families in Native American Communities

Faculty Research Spotlight

Sean Justice - School of Art and Design

Faculty Team Up for preK-2 Creative Computing Project

Xiaoyu Xue - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Xue Lab Studies Disease Prevention through Biochemical and Genetic Research

Research Coordinator Corner



Get to Know Your Research Coordinators

As we welcome faculty back to campus—both in person and virtually—we want to highlight your college research coordinators (RCs). The RCs work in collaboration with ORSP to support proposal submission, funding identification, award management, and other grant-related functions within their respective colleges. At this time, both the College of Applied Arts and Health Professions are in the process of hiring new RCs and anticipate filling the positions soon.

Each RC brings unique skills, experience, and expertise to their role. In this feature, we’ve asked them to share a brief introduction and word of advice for their faculty.

About ORSP

Exciting research happens every day in every department of Texas State University. Our faculty generate new knowledge and catalyze ideas into reality, combining creativity and determination to achieve innovation.

Each semester, we feature some of these accomplished researchers in our newsletter, where they share their work and advice about funding, managing teams, and more. The newsletter also includes practical tips for finding collaborators, mentoring students, and using ORSP’s resources to the fullest.

Remember, ORSP is here to support your research from start to finish.    

Editorial Team

Kay Hetherly, editor

Evy Gonzales

Jessica Schneider

Andrea Hilkovitz

Christopher Larson, web developer