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Let Funding Find You


Finding funding for a research project is time consuming, but what if funding found you instead? What a lot of Texas State faculty don’t realize is that you can take steps to make this a possibility.

There are times when our office, Strategic Research Initiatives (SRI), gets requests from various stakeholders looking for researchers to work on a particular project. If we already know you and know your research is a good fit for that project, we will reach out to see if you’re interested. But if we don’t know what kind of research you’re working on, you could miss these kinds of opportunities. That’s where a good researcher profile comes in.

Our office has two main sources for Texas State researcher profiles, and this is where we go when we’re trying to match researchers to funded projects.

One is Texas State Faculty Profiles. Typically, we will go into this system with very little time to find what we’re looking for because the request may be urgent. That means we won’t have time to go into your vitae or publications list. Rather, what we’re looking for is the “Research Interests” section. We need this section to tell us clearly what kind of research you’re working on, including current projects. Surprisingly, many faculty have not added this section to their profiles, and when we are in a rush, that means profiles without a “Research Interests” section will be skipped over.

Our other source for Texas State researcher profiles is Pivot Profiles through the PIVOT Funding database. This subscription database is accessible from the ORSP website or the Alkek Library website. Once you sign in through the Texas State Institutional login, you will be able to claim or create your profile. If you get stuck, there are videos to guide you, or you can ask your college research coordinator for help.

When we go into PIVOT looking for researchers who might fit a particular project, we will focus mainly on the expertise and key words sections. Make sure those are up to date and detailed enough to let us know what research you are currently interested or involved in.

Keep in mind that it is not only our office that may come looking for you with a pot of money. Others, including your own colleagues, may use both of these profile systems to search for collaborators on projects that already have a funding source—or for projects with potential funding.

Don’t be one of those researchers whose profile gets passed over for funding. Make sure you have a good “Research Interests” section on your Texas State Faculty Profile and thorough expertise and keywords sections on your Pivot Profile. Who knows, funding may come looking for you sooner than you think.