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Fall 2018

AVPR Message

Dr. Walter E. Horton headshot
Dr. Walter E. Horton

You may have heard the saying, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” As a scientist, I have always had a problem with that statement because it does not seem to be thermodynamically possible!  However, I am OK with a slight modification: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts plus their interactions.” 

In this newsletter you will read about compelling research and scholarly activities that are based on interactions, not only between the faculty involved but between the faculty and the community. The “products” are incredible: authentic stories from Black and Latino playwrights, better treatments for children with breathing disorders, and improved reading and writing skills for students in special education services. Building on the collaboration theme, how about a great partnership between science and engineering and business to land a major NSF commercialization grant? And, you will also discover that the City of Austin wants to work with you!

One more saying is “the bigger the issue, the more important the partnership,” and here at Texas State University, we place a high value on collaborative research that addresses real-world problems. 

My sincere thanks to everyone in the research family who brings innovation to life every day at Texas State.


Faculty Research Spotlight

Eugene Lee - Theatre & Dance

“Many of the plays that have been developed here have gone on to full professional productions.”


Arzu Ari - Respiratory Care

“Treating children is a special challenge.”


Faculty Research Spotlight: Collaboration

Business and Science Collaboration Is Key to Successful NSF I-Corps Grant

by Jana Minifie & Jennifer Irvin, Chemistry and Biochemistry


IES Grant to Improve Fourth Grade Writing Outcomes for Special Ed Kids

By Stephen Ciullo & Alyson Collins, Special Education

Guest Column


City of Austin Seeks Texas State Collaborators

The City of Austin wants to be a natural part of the Texas State research and education community. Over the years, Austin has collaborated on research projects with area universities, but most of these have been initiated and managed in ad hoc fashion. One recent project, consisting of a multi-disciplinary research team, focuses on Virtual/Augmented Reality training for first responders.


Research Coordinator Corner

Mentoring Graduate Student Researchers: Tips for Faculty

Did you know The Graduate College supports graduate students preparing and submitting proposals for external funding? As a research coordinator, I assist these researchers by helping them identify and apply for external awards to fund their graduate studies and research.


ORSP News & Updates

Pre-Award Support

Director: Kay Beauchamp

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Research Integrity & Compliance (RIC)

Director: Sean Rubino

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Exciting research happens every day in every department of Texas State University. Our faculty generate new knowledge and catalyze ideas into reality, combining creativity and determination to achieve innovation.

Each semester, we feature some of these accomplished researchers in our newsletter, where they share their work and advice about funding, managing teams and more. The newsletter also includes practical tips for finding collaborators, mentoring students and using ORSP’s resources to the fullest.

Remember, ORSP is here to support your research from start to finish.    

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