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Current Awards - June 2020

Title Sponsor Amount Date
Public Perceptions of Chronic Wasting Disease in Western Texas Texas Parks and Wildlife Department $62,031.00 6/2/20
Honors Summer Math Camp Program 2020 American Mathematical Society $9,000.00 6/3/20
CyberTraining CIC: Widening the CI Workforce On-ramp by Exposing Undergraduates to Heterogeneous Computing National Science Foundation $16,000.00 6/4/20
Mark-Recapture of Mussels in the Colorado River Lower Colorado River Authority $230,000.00 6/5/20
Genomics, Biometrics and Identity Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago $50,000.00 6/11/20
Title IV-E Year 25 Department of Family & Protective Services $593,452.00 6/11/20
COVID: FY20 SBDC COVID Business Recovery Accelerator Cooperative Agreement UTSA SBDC $432,000.00 6/11/20
A Portal Into the Brain: Olfactory Crypt Neurons Modulate Brain Viral Immunity in Teleost University of New Mexico $72,964.00 6/15/20
Optimizing Organic Dyes for the Use as a Photoorganocatalysis in C-C Bond Formation Reactions American Chemical Society $27,500.00 6/23/20
High-Bandgap Hybrid Perocskites for Efficient Underwater Solar Cells Department of Defense -ONR $75,000.00 6/24/20
Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students in Communication Disorders US Dept of Health & Human Services $315,350.00 6/24/20
Upper San Marcos River Watershed Protection Plan Implementation Riparian Restoration for Windmill Branch of Sessom Creek and Outreach and Education Programs Texas Commission on Environmenal Quality $193,935.00 6/29/20
FY2020 TPWD Interagency Cooperation Contract in Support of the Laboratory Student Worker Assistance Texas Parks and Wildlife Department $15,000.00 6/24/20