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Current Awards - June 2021

Title Sponsor Amount Date
Regulation of Collagen Type I Expression by Chaperone-Mediated mRNA Remodelin Boise State University $37,634.28 6/3/2021
Development of Rubberized Asphalt Binder for Double-Layer Low-noise Pavements Poinix, Inc. $35,329.45 6/7/2021
Cine Clubs in Community: Video as a Tool for knowledge, Creation and Identity (100K Strong Grant) Fundacion Universitaria del Area Andina $10,017.42 6/9/2021
CMEC Tulsa County Gilcrease Expressway 34TU220 Data Recovery Faunal Analysis Cox McLain Environmental Consulting $12,420.00 6/9/2021
Active Shooter Incident Management Texas A&M Engineering Extension Services $472,909.00 6/9/2021
Title IV-E Year 25 (Year 5) GUARANTEED Texas Department of Family & Protective Services $25,000.00 6/9/2021
TxDOT Curation Services, Curation Preparation and Final Curation for the Waxahachie (41EL246) Data Recovery Project Texas Department of Transportation $6,324.93 6/9/2021
HSI: Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Mathematics: integrating scientific inquiry in curriculum for pre-service Agricultural Education teachers (STEAM-AGED) U. S. Department of Agriculture $274,999.00 6/14/2021
NSF I-Corp Team Proactive Data Quality Assessment System National Science Foundation $50,000.00 6/16/2021
Jacobs "JETS" Task Order - STO-000143 - M. Thorpe Jacobs Technology $170,612.80 6/18/2021
Finding the Missing and Unidentified: The Application of Predictive Modeling, Ground-Penetrating Radar, and Small Unmanned Aircraft-Mounted Infrared Imagery for the Detection of Unmarked Graves National Institute of Justice $150,000.00 6/21/2021
Pharmacophore-Directed Retrosynthesis Enabling Synthetic and Mode of Action Studies of Bioactive Natural Products Baylor University $27,000.00 6/22/2021
An examination of musculoskeletal markers in modern populations for forensic analysis and identification purposes National Institute of Justice $150,000.00 6/22/2021
AMS Fan Fund China Exchange Program -2021 American Mathematical Society $2,300.00 6/24/2021
SARP Aquatic Habitat Restoration Program City of San Marcos $22,000.00 6/24/2021
Strong Relationships/Strong Futures: Healthy Relationship and Adult Preparation Education U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families $913,815.00 6/25/2021
TYP - Tobacco Youth Prevention (FY22) Texas Department of State Health Services $756,521.00 6/24/2021