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Current Awards - August 2020

Title Sponsor Amount Date
Rural Talent Search - San Marcos FY 2020-2021 US Department of Education $355,040.00 9/2/20
Justice Court In-Service Training Program FY21 Justices of the Peace & Constables Association of Texas, Inc. $15,427.00 9/2/20
Type I:Texas State University I-Corps Site for Entrepreneurship National Science Foundation $84,970.00 9/2/20
Texas Stream Team Program -319 (2020-2021) Texas Commission on Environmenal Quality $361,009.00 9/24/20
20-048 Use of Rapid Setting Hydraulic Cement (RSHC) for Structural Applications Texas Department of Transportation $186,337.00 9/2/20
Developing and Validating Proof Comprehension Tests in Real Analysis Rutgers, State University of New Jersey $64,660.00 9/2/20
Upward Bound-Del Valle U.S. Department of Education $297,601.00 9/4/20
Texas State University - San Marcos Upward Bound Program US Department of Education $428,567.00 9/4/20
Educational Talent Search - Austin [Guidance only required YEAR 1 budget] US Department of Education $458,225.00 9/4/20
  Using Technology to Capture Classroom Interactions: The Design, Validation, and Dissemination of a Formative Assessment of Instruction Tool for Diverse K-8 Math $477,407.00 9/8/20
Smart Reentry: An Evaluation of Evidence-based Strategies for Successful Reentry from Incarceration to Community Texas Department of Criminal Justice $28,000.00 9/8/20
HIS: NASA STEM EPDC National Aeronautics and Space Administration $2,908,423.60 9/8/20
ILA-20-130-RR-Texas State University, Task Order #2, Completion of RSWMP for 2022-2042 Alamo Area Council of Governments $65,000.00 9/10/20
Tandem Discovery of Drug Leads and Targets via Paal-Knorr Reaction National Institute of Health $141,231.00 9/15/20
Accuracy Assessment for Dunes Sagebrush Lizard Habitat Model Located West Texas U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service $21,354.91 9/15/20
Master Agreement Between South Texas Development Council and Texas State University South Texas Development Council $30,000.00 9/17/20
Tobacco (TOB) Program Texas Department of State Health Services $1,279,134.00 9/17/20
Discovery of New Differentiation Agents for Neuroblastoma Therapy National Institutes of Health $448,619.86 9/17/20
NM Rockshelter Site and Artifact Preservation, Protection and Study Bureau of Land Management $12,131.00 9/17/20
ALERRT - Preparing fo Active Shooter Situations U.S. Department of Justice $8,780,893.00 9/17/20
Smithosonian Ethinic Studies Curriculum Design and Workshops The Smithsonian Institute $3,000.00 9/17/20
FY2019 ILL Reimbursement Texas State Library and Archives Commission $3,129.94 9/24/20
Improving Higher Education Outcomes of Foster Youth in Texas: A Proposal to Evaluate Campus Support Services Greater Texas Foundation $74,740.44 9/24/20
Tobacco (TOB) Program Food & Drug Administration $2,235,125.00 9/24/20
Collaborative Research: ECR DBER DCL: Extending a Theoretical Model for Undergraduate Students? Reflection and Abstraction of Proof Structures in Transition to Proofs Courses National Science Foundation $268,417.00 9/28/20
21-047-Improve Data Quality for Automaticed Pavement Data Collection Texas Department of Transportation $449,720.00 9/28/20
Final Curation of TxDOT Collections from 41SR459 and 41TT922 (NTP 1) Texas Department of Transportation $2,898.08 9/28/20
Variance in Genetic Diversity of an Endangered Freshwater Beetle Before and After an Advance Climatic Event National Cave & Karst Resesarch Institute $5,000.00 9/28/20
CDC Transfer : Reducing the Burden of Negelected Parasitic Infections (NPIS) in the United States through Evidence-B Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US Health & Human Services) $133,333.00 9/28/20