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Current Awards - April 2019

Title Sponsor Amount Date
Task Order: Eve Berger Jacobs Technology $171,033.60 4/1/2019
PBIS Services for Windham School District Windham School District $47,014.00 4/1/2019
Texas Commission on the Arts- Arts Respond Performance Support- Montopolis' Big Bend Performance Texas Commission on the Arts $1,250.00 4/2/2019
Orbital Debris Research Intern Kayley Green-Tooney Jacobs Technology $9,992.40 4/3/2019
Diborylcarbenes: A Decades Old Search for Unprecedented Electrophilic Carbenes Welch Foundation $195,000.00 4/5/2019
Outdoor Behavioral Helathcare Research Grant University of New Hampshire $10,409.00 4/11/2019
Polymicrobial Biofilm Growth and Control During Spaceflight National Aeronautics and Space Administration $80,000.00 4/12/2019
Dyadic Mind-Mindedness and Empathic Accuracy: The Relation between Mid-Mindedness and Empathic Accuracy in Close Social Dyads Psi Chi $1,500.00 4/15/2019
The Bullet Proof Vest Partnership(BVP)-Bureau of Justice Assistance Office of the Governor $3,094.00 4/16/2019
Environmental Flow Regime Assessment and Development of a Monitoring Framework Texas A&M Agrilife Research $33,451.00 4/18/2019
GLO Work Order B247 Amendment # 1- Master Agreement 17-212-000 Tx General Land Office $1,999.01 4/24/2019
Monte Alto and La Joya Wind Archaeology Review Bowman Consulting $31,778.00 4/24/2019
Career:Primal-Dual Weak Galerkin Finite Element Methods National Science Foundation $(58,852.00) 4/24/2019
AMS Fan Fund Travel Grant 2020 - Dr. G. Qian American Mathematical Society - Fan fund $4,800.00 4/26/2019
Curation Preparation for Records from Site 41RB112 Texas Department of Transportation $1,862.72 4/26/2019
Flexible Perovskite LED with CNT electrodes Solarno Inc. $33,300.00 4/30/2019
Developing Graphene Foil Technology for Instruments Targeting Low-Energy Ring Current Populations at Earth Southwest Research Institute $39,869.60 4/30/2019