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Current Awards - July 2019

Title Sponsor Amount Date
Texas Stream Team Program Texas Commission on Environmenal Quality $5,500.00 7/1/2019
CDC Transfer : Reducing the Burden of Negelected Parasitic Infections (NPIS) in the United States through Evidence-B Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US Health & Human Services) $50,000.00 7/2/2019
Collaborative Research: Adapting Reading Comprehension Strategies for us in Elementary School Computer Science Instruction to Educate Tomorrow's Computational Innovators National Science Foundation $32,000.00 7/11/2019
Bird Air Strike Hazard (BASH), Vance Air Fors Base (AFB), Oklahoma U.S. Army Corp of Engineers $101,698.00 7/12/2019
Archaeology Review for the City of Devine, TX Langford Community Management Services Inc. $(1,572.00) 7/12/2019
Fongoli Savanna Chipmanzee Project The Leakey Foundation $24,600.00 7/12/2019
Aerosol Jet Printing and Evaluation of Innovative Electronic Inks Electroninks, Inc. $25,556.60 7/15/2019
Development of Road Pavements Quality Management System based on IoT Technology Korean Institute of Civil Engineering and Technology $16,913.32 7/15/2019
Texas State University Black and Latino Playwrights Conference National Endowment for the Arts $10,000.00 7/16/2019
Jacobs Technolgoy - Task Order S24611 (MJ Wilkinson) Jacobs Technology $205,920.00 7/16/2019
SaTC:CORE:Small: Eye Movement Biometrics in Virtual and Augmented Reality National Science Foundation $16,000.00 7/16/2019
Active Shooter Incident Management Texas A&M Engineering Extension Services $773,597.00 7/17/2019
TPCP-FDA Tobacco Prevention and Control Program FY20 Texas Department of State Health Services $1,653,273.00 7/17/2019
TYP - Tobacco Youth Prevention and Control Program FY20 Texas Department of State Health Services $756,521.00 7/17/2019
20-048 Use of Rapid Setting Hydraulic Cement (RSHC) for Structural Applications Texas Department of Transportation $16,640.00 7/17/2019
MRI: Acquisition of Microscopy Equipment to Enhance Histological Research in Forensic Anthropology, Biology and Bioarcheology National Science Foundation $255,140.00 7/17/2019
BOCA-- Body-worn Camera Analytics in Public Safety University of Michigan $55,372.00 7/17/2019
The Intermediate-Age Cluster GLIMPSE-C01 Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory $40,185.00 7/17/2019
Facilitating Improvement in Undergraduate STEM Instructions: Providing a Research-Based Foundation for the Emerging Class of Change Initiatives Involving Instructional Development Teams Western Michigan University $34,417.00 7/18/2019
Writing in Middle School Science and Social Studies: Exploring Instruction and Support for Students with Disabilities (Project Explore) George Mason University $128,177.00 7/19/2019
REU SITE: Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Smart and Connected Communities National Science Foundation $20,000.00 7/23/2019
The Effects of Fucoxanthin Supplementation on Metabolic Adaptations and Recovery from Exercise AlgaTechnologies, Ltd. $44,388.00 7/24/2019
HSI:Track 1: Building Capacity: Engaging Faculty Community for Student Success National Science Foundation $2,499,933.00 7/25/2019
NASA STEM EPDC National Aeronautics and Space Administration $2,126,587.68 7/25/2019
Exploring Writing Instruction Delivered by Teachers Providing Services to Students with Disabilities U.S. Dept of Education $363,834.00 7/26/2019
NSF INCLUDES DDLP - ACCEYSS: Association of Collaborative Communities Equipping Youth for STEM Success National Science Foundation $14,999.00 7/29/2019
Fun & Fit 4 Life: Implementation and Evaluation City of San Marcos $- 7/30/2019
China-US Group Theory Summit 2019 National Science Foundation $15,000.00 7/30/2019
Strengthening Relationships/Strengthening Families Yr 5 US. Department of Health & Human Services $988,191.00 7/30/2019
Green Valley Drive Low Water Crossing Demolition Project Bastrop County $11,466.78 7/30/2019
Collection Evaluation for Materials and Records from Three Sites: 41CX98, 41FY422, 41MC372 Texas Department of Transportation $2,144.58 7/30/2019
Texas Beach Watch Property (WO B873) Tx General Land Office $54,793.58 7/30/2019
High-Bandgap Hybrid Perocskites for Efficient Underwater Solar Cells Department of Defense -ONR $141,466.00 7/30/2019