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Current Awards - February 2020

Title Sponsor Amount Date
Community Health Improvement Division/Newborn Screening Unit Tx Department of State Health Services $7,434.00 2/7/2020
Using Radio Frequency Identification Technology to Determine Inclusive Fitness Benefts of the Social Black-Crested Titmouse Braun & Gresham Attorneys at Law $8,013.00 2/4/2020
ALERRT Active Shooter (AS) Training Federal Bureau of Investigation $150,000.00 2/4/2020
CdTe Back Contact Using Molecular Beam Expitaxy First Solar, Inc. $100,000.00 2/6/2020
Development of Road Pavements Quality Management System based on IoT Technology Korean Institute of Civil Engineering and Technology $35,150.00 2/7/2020
Does Superior Sleep Physiology contribute to superior memory function? Implications for courteracting Forgetting The McKnight Endowment Fund for Neuroscience $100,000.00 2/10/2020
Quantifying How Global Change and Land Use Legacies Affect Ecosystem Processes at the Land Water Interface Across the Great Lakes Basin Michigan Technical University $9,448.00 2/11/2020
The Name is on the Tip of My Tongue!: Relationship between Physical Fitness and Language Texas Speech Language and Hearing Foundation $1,400.00 2/12/2020
- Yr 4Removal of Non-Native Plants, Texas Wild Rice Enhancement and Management of Key Recreation Areas, Modification I; Objectives 1, 2, 3 City of San Marcos $210,000.00 2/13/2020
- Yr 4Removal of Non-Native Plants, Texas Wild Rice Enhancement and Management of Key Recreation Areas, Modification I; Objective 4 City of San Marcos $56,000.00 2/13/2020
Aquatic Surveys in the Delaware River (Texas and New Mexico) Cimarex Energy $20,000.00 2/14/2020
TXDOT Houston Toad Headstart Testing Texas Department of Transportation $150,000.00 2/18/2020
Reproductive Ecology of Berberis Braun & Gresham Attorneys at Law $14,130.00 2/19/2020
Skiles Collection of Lower Pecos Native American Artifacts Skiles Family $- 2/19/2020
CAREER: Characterization of epicgenetic factors and their regulatory roles in modulating transposable elements, plant immunity and transgenerational inheritance National Science Foundation $165,065.00 2/19/2020
Bifunctional Membrane Electrode Assemblies for Unitized Regenerative Fuel Cells Office of Naval Research $100,000.00 2/20/2020
CNS Core: Small: Collaborative: Content-Based Viewport Prediction Framework for Live Virtual Reality Streaming National Science Foundation $16,000.00 2/20/2020
CNS Core: Small: Interpretable Multi-Modal Neural Network Pruning for Edge Devices National Science Foundation $16,000.00 2/21/2020
Feed the Future Innovation Lab on Fish (Innovate4Fish) Mississippi State University $35,140.00 2/21/2020
Population Genetics of the Endangered Comal Springs Dryopid Beetle (Stygoparnus Comalensis) Texas Parks and Wildlife Department $59,596.00 2/21/2020
SaTC:CORE:Small: Eye Movement Biometrics in Virtual and Augmented Reality National Science Foundation $16,000.00 2/26/2020
Landscape Variation in the Water Supply of Tree Species in the Texas Hill Country Braun & Gresham Attorneys at Law $6,817.00 2/26/2020