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Policies: Pay above Base Salary

University Policy on Pay Above Base Salaries on Grants

Currently at Texas State University, there is no university policy allowing pay above base on sponsored programs (grants) See below:

To: Chairs, Deans, and Directors

From: Director of Pre and Post Award Support Services

Subject:University Policy on Pay above Base Salary on Grants

Date: July 11, 2005

Please share this information with your faculty.

Currently at Texas State University, there is no university policy allowing pay above base on sponsored programs (grants).

(On a more upbeat note, however, I would like to draw your attention to AAPPS [Academic Affairs Policy and Procedure Statement] 5.06 on incentive pay. This policy recognizes outstanding performance by faculty and their efforts in obtaining and managing contract and grant support. To qualify for incentive compensation, the faculty member must request it and must use externally sponsored programs funds to "buy out" at least 25% of his/her base salary during the Fall and/or Spring semester and at least 50% of their summer salary. If the faculty member does so, then the incentive is paid at a rate of 35% of the faculty member?s nine-month base salary.)

In terms of pay above base on grants, the university must follow and is guided by OMB (Office on Management and Budget) Circular A-21.

The only time that Texas State might consider additional pay is if a faculty member serves as a consultant in the following unusual case, and again in compliance with A-21: Only in unusual cases where consultation is across department lines or involves a separate or remote operation, and the work performed by the consultant is in addition to his regular departmental load, any charges for such work representing extra compensation above the base salary are allowable provided that such consulting arrangements are specifically provided for in the agreement or approved in writing by the sponsoring agency.

To determine salary rates for work performed on a sponsored program, therefore, these salary rates are based on the individual faculty member's regular compensation for the continuous period that constitutes the basis of his or her salary. According to A-21: In no event will charges to sponsored agreements, irrespective of the basis of computation, exceed the proportionate share of the base salary for that period. For work performed in the summer months, salary will be determined at a rate not in excess of the base salary divided by the period to which the base salary relates (A-21).