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Resources for First Time Grant Writers

Applying for external funding as a new faculty member can be very daunting. Pre and Post Award Support Services is here to assist you in that process. Please see the notes below for some guidance on how Pre and Post Award Support Services staff collaborate with faculty to develop and submit proposal submissions.

Pre and Post Award Support Services has the legal responsibility to review ALL proposals prepared for submission to ensure compliance with the sponsor's programmatic guidelines, with state and federal regulations, and with University policy and commitments. The office maintains the role of the Authorized Institutional Official and has delegated signatory authority to submit proposal applications and accept funding on behalf of the university.

Some services include:

  • Review and interpretation of sponsor guidelines;
  • Budget consultation and preparations;
  • Identification and referral of potential compliance issues
  • Completion of application certifications and assurances;
  • Information gathering/problem solving across campus units (e.g., purchasing, personnel accounting);
  • Assistance in obtaining inter-campus approvals;
  • Mediation and negotiation with sponsoring contract offices;
  • Reproduction, electronic submission and shipment of proposals.
  • At this time, Pre and Post Award Support Services does not offer grant writing services.

Get to know these folks! They're a part of your team and ready to assist you with submission prep work including review of your proposal to make sure all agency guidelines are met. These competent professionals will work with you to assemble the required components and ensure that information is prepared and uploaded in the desired format. Our goal in Pre and Post Award Support Services is to provide support in the mechanics of assemble, budget requests, internal routing and submission to allow faculty to focus on project development within their discipline. Pre and Post Award Support Services is located in the JC Kellam Administration Building, Suite 420. Their main phone number is 512-245-2102 and email is

Note: Pre and Post Award Support Services is the principal agent in negotiations between the University and all funding agencies for University projects regardless of funding source and is responsible for securing campus approval signatures before proposals can be submitted. Please present proposals in a timely fashion so that this process can be accomplished.