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Limited Submission

Limited submission funding opportunities(see PPS 5.14) refer to those solicitations that limit the number of proposals an organization can submit for consideration. If there is more than one principal investigator interested in submitting a proposal to a limited submission solicitation, the Strategic Research Initiatives(SRI) will review all potential submissions and determine which proposal(s) will be selected to be officially submitted to the sponsor.

When the Strategic Research Initiatives becomes aware of a limited submission funding program, it will forward that information to all deans with the request that the deans then disseminate that information to the chairs and faculty of their respective colleges.

Procedure for applying to a limited submission opportunity

Letter of Intent - due approximately 10 weeks before the sponsor deadline

When a faculty member receives notification of a limited submissions funding opportunity and is interested in applying, he/she is required to submit a letter of intent (LOI) through our Limited Submissions portal for active competitions (and cc his/her respective chair and dean). If a faculty member finds a limited submissions funding opportunity that is not active through the portal, he or she should contact the research office via email at to find out if Texas State plans to compete the opportunity.

The LOI should include the following components:

  • Title of opportunity and application type if applicable (ie. NSF MRI-acquisition proposal, USDA HSI ED-cooperative proposal etc.).
  • A list of names, departments, and contact information for all identified investigators.
  • A one-page description of the proposed project and how it meets the solicitation requirements.
  • A ½ page describing how this project will meet department, college, University and/or research strategic plans.
  • A ½ page broader impact statement.
  • 2 page NSF, NEH, NEA or NIH formatted CV for each investigator on the project.

Selection Process

If all LOIs received are from a single college, and the number exceeds the full proposal applications allowed by the sponsor, it shall be that college dean's responsibility to conduct the selection process. At least 6 weeks before the sponsor deadline, the dean will notify SRI of each project's ranking within his/her college.

If LOIs are received from more than one college, and the number exceeds the applications allowed by the sponsor, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will conduct the selection process.

The following criteria will be used to make the decision:

  • How well the proposal meets the sponsor's published program guidelines and review criteria
  • The availability or accessibility to the necessary resources
  • How well the proposal meets the research strategic plan(s) of the department/college/university
  • The broader impacts (on and off campus) of the proposal
  • Consideration of prior review comments(if applicable).

Some limited submission contests may still be open past the deadline if fewer than the approved number of applicants are received. In this situation, applications are accepted on a first-come basis until the approved number is reached.

Notification - no less than 6 weeks before sponsor deadline

All applicants and his/her dean, chair, Pre and Post Award Support Services grant coordinator will be notified of the results.

Candidate Responsibilities

Faculty may not submit an application in response to a limited funding opportunity to the sponsor without approval from SRI.

Should a candidate wish to decline a nomination, s/he is requested to do so within 5 days of selection notification by sending an email to Failure to let SRI know of a declination may prevent a faculty member from being selected for future limited submission proposals.