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Significant Financial Interest (SFI) and Conflicts of Interest (COI): Procedures and Guidance

NEW: Significant Financial Interest (SFI) disclosures now managed within Kuali Research

A brief overview of the new SFI disclosure processes:

In order to submit a proposal, initiate a contract, or open a grant account, you must have a current disclosure of Significant Financial Interests (SFI) on file. Texas State researchers are required to submit an SFI Disclosure at least once annually.

Key points about your SFI Disclosure:

  • You are being asked to disclose all your significant financial interests rather than just financial conflicts of interests related to your current or potential sponsor.
  • Significant financial interests do not necessarily indicate the existence of financial conflicts of interest.
  • Annual SFI Disclosures are required from all researchers, regardless of funding source or funding status.
  • If you are submitting a proposal to, or receiving an award from one of the Public Health Service (PHS) agencies you will need to complete additional procedures. Please contact RIC well before your proposal deadline to ensure that PHS compliance requirements are fulfilled on time.
  • PHS-funded researchers must complete a brief FCOI training prior to account set up. If you receive an award from one of the PHS agencies, contact RIC as soon as you find out you’ve been funded.

RIC welcomes the opportunity to discuss this issue with you. Please contact Becky Northcut for additional information or assistance.

Policy Reference: UPPS 02.02.07, Researcher Conflicts of Interest in Research and Sponsored Program Activities.

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