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Enrollment Form Instructions

  1. Individuals on a new IACUC protocol or individual added to a previously approved protocol, will receive an email from Research Integrity and Compliance (RIC) to complete enrollment procedures for the OHSP. These instructions will explain how register for the online training and will include the Enrollment Form.
  2. Complete and save the form to your computer. Please ensure all the fields with red boarders are completed.
  3. Participants will receive an email from ITAC with the subject line “Becky Northcut has requested a file from you via Filelocker.”
  4. Click on the link in the email and upload the completed Enrollment from.
  5. You will promptly receive a confirmation email from RIC.
  6. Once you receive the confirmation email, schedule an appointment with the Student Health Center for a Health Exam/Evaluation according to the instructions in the confirmation email.
  7. Go to the appointment.
  8. If you have already have a current tetanus shot, please take those records with you.
  9. The Student Health Center will send RIC a certification that you have fulfilled the OHSP requirements and you’re cleared to work with animals.

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding the enrollment process, please feel free to contact Becky Northcut at (512) 245-2314.