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Faculty Consultation Services

Free Consulting

All Texas State University faculty or project (i.e., multiple faculty are working on the same project) are eligible for up to six hours of free consulting each year. Our consultants are available for in-person or Zoom meetings, as well as to answer questions via email. Faculty who would like more than six hours of consulting in a year may access additional hours through contract consulting (see below).

Please click here to request an appointment. Provide the following information:

  • a short explanation of the type of assistance you are seeking
  • availability (provide 2-3 choices)
  • department
  • rank
  • email address

Please contact us immediately if you need to cancel an appointment.

Assistance we can provide for free consultation

Methodology, Measurement and Statistical Analysis (MMSA) staff can provide the following types of assistance:

  • Selection and explanation of appropriate statistical analyses
  • Sound design of empirical quantitative studies
  • Writing good survey items, measurement issues
  • Software recommendations
  • Conduct example analyses using various software packages
  • Interpretation of results
  • Information about analysis/statistical/research design resources
  • Developing web-based surveys
  • Advice on managing data at project completion
  • Graduate students who have questions regarding master’s theses or doctoral dissertations may make an appointment through their advisor; the advisor must attend the session.

Requests for appointments are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Assistance we cannot provide

  • Individual consultation cannot be provided to students who are not working on a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation or non Texas State University faculty. Graduate students working with a faculty member on a research project that is not a student research project may attend the session with the faculty member.
  • Data processing or data cleaning labor (although we can advise on these).
  • While our intention is not to accrue co-authorships, academic ethics of co-authorship apply (see Responsible Conduct of Research); unless co-authorship or other arrangements are made, we cannot perform analyses in your absence or write up results for you. Similarly, should we apply standard statistical techniques in a novel or creative way, or develop new techniques for your work, co-authorship may be appropriate.
  • Help with work that falls outside your faculty duties (e.g., if you are working as a paid consultant or contractor).

Contract Consulting

We offer contract consulting to faculty and staff with more complex data analysis needs (for more information see Professional Data Analysis Services). Contract services are provided for an hourly fee and may include data cleaning and manipulation, power analyses, tailored data analyses, or detailed reporting of results.