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Translational Health



On average new health research takes 17 years to be implemented in practice. Texas State is working to accelerate the translation of research into reality. Interdisciplinary teams of researchers have the real-world knowledge to partner with students and the community to pilot and learn from new approaches to pressing health challenges.

Four Focus Areas at Texas State

Digital Health

  • Utilize digital health information technologies to improve efficiency, lower costs and help personalize healthcare delivery for individuals' health and wellness


  • Develop new cancer technologies to improve diagnosis and treatment that can transform cancer research and clinical care

Health Across the Lifespan

  • Help improve quality of life for people with cognitive disabilities and diseases such as Dementia, Autism, and ADHD

Chronic Disease

  • Develop innovative strategies to reduce health disparities and improve access to information on chronic disease and health management

Translational Health at TXST


The Translational Health Research Initiative (THRI) was established in 2016. Interdisciplinary teams can effectively apply research to practice and generate improvements in healthcare

More than 225 faculty in 80 departments are working on health challenges at TXST to facilitate collaborative research initiatives.


Researchers at Texas State are working to put academic research into practice to improve the health and wellness of people. The translational health research initiative builds on our existing strengths in cancer research, nutrition, health communication, aging and dementia studies, and addiction.

BIG Philanthropic Opportunities


  • Endow a Translational Health Program Fund to provide flexible resources to implement and sustain this initiative
  • Seed and accelerate interdisciplinary research teams to address health changes in any of four focus areas
  • Support undergraduate scholarships to help Texas State recruit and retain high-achieving students
  • Fund a Translational Health Award to recognize innovative research
  • Endow graduate fellowships to fund student research with faculty or projects with community partners
  • Provide summer scholarships for undergraduates to collaborate with faculty on research
  • Sponsor students to develop, pursue, and showcase research projects for innovative health solutions
  • Fund faculty fellowships for visiting experts in an area of focus
  • Provide funding to expand access to Texas State clinics for low-income and uninsured clients
  • Create an endowment to bring world-class experts and innovators to speak on campus
  • Establish an endowed professorship to support faculty in conducting cutting-edge research
  • Fund an endowed chair to support departmental leadership in the future of teaching and research


Your Invitation
We invite visionary philanthropic partners to support our students and faculty in discovering sustainable solutions for global issues through innovative research.


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