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Research Expenses during COVID-19 Response

Research Expenses Incurred During COVID-19 Response Period

In response to questions regarding the allowability of salary expenses for employees paid from federal awards who are also working from remote locations, the following conditions would apply IF…

  1. The University asks or requires employees to work remotely
  2. Employees can successfully work in that environment and continue to make meaningful contributions

Then the salary can continue to be paid from federally sponsored awards.

If the employees cannot successfully work from home and alternate duties cannot be identified that benefit the project then direct charge to the grant may not be appropriate.

A key component to this potential allowance is to make sure thorough documentation (e.g. scope of work performed, relevance to project, time logged on specific duties, etc.) is kept prior to and throughout the period of work from a remote location and that PIs have communication with  Program Officers.

Texas State Research Administration Continues to Monitor Guidance from Federal Sponsors and Other Entities

Council on Government Relations

The information provided has not been endorsed by federal awarding agencies and represents COGR’s best assessment of an evolving situation based on already established policies and regulations. As further guidance becomes available from federal agencies COGR will update this document and keep the membership informed accordingly. Nothing in this document is intended to supplant any institutional policy or federal, state, and local law, regulations, or guidance, and institutions are strongly encouraged to communicate with their agency program officers and grant officers as issues arise. For additional information, visit COGR’s webpage on Institutional and Agency Responses to COVID-19 and Additional Resources.


National Institutes of Health (3/16/20)

National Science Foundation (3/17/20):

Department of Energy (3/13/20)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (3/10/20)


NSF Guidance

Additional costs incurred related to COVID-19 should be documented carefully.  For questions about allowable costs or other performance/operational issues related to COVID-19, please contact the PO and G/AO or the Contracting Officer Representative and Contracting Officer.  Please copy  on your request to ensure a timely response.