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Research Cash Advance Repayment Option using TourchNet

Research Advance Repayment Option (RSS TBD220A)

The TouchNET System can now be used to repay unused research advance funds. You can access the process at Research Advance Returned Funds from anywhere. You no longer need to trek to JCK to deposit the funds at the Cashier’s Office! With this process, you will no longer need to enter the General Ledger Number or Fund Number on the advance repayment. Those are programed in the TouchNET System on the link provided. You will need to enter your bank routing number and bank account number. You will also need to enter the 10-digit Funds Commitment Number (starts with 29) assigned to the cash advance. Enter the required information into the fields on the link and ensure the return amount and the Funds Commitment Number are correct. You will receive an email with your payment confirmation. Retain a copy for your records and attach a copy to your Advance Reconciliation to clear the advance. Note that Returned Check Fees apply, and you are responsible for that fee if your bank account does not have available funds and you process the return through this system. Be sure to check your bank account balance before you start this process to avoid that fee.

TouchNet Research Cash Advance Repayment link: