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Information on ONR Regional Offices and DoD-wide supplemental T&Cs for the COVID-19 Crisis

DoD-wide supplemental T&Cs

Information from ONR Regional Offices to Support Electronic Payments, Refunds, and Reporting

    If you have a question about a payment issue for any DoD award that uses Wide Area Workflow (WAWF), please log into WAWF and check the status of the voucher. Verify the award number, approver, and payment office DoDAACs are correct. If the voucher status is “submitted” or “recalled”, it’s likely with ONR for action. In these cases, please contact your assigned specialist and provide award number, voucher number, voucher amount, and date submitted. If the status is anything else, please:
    • Use myInvoice located within the “Payment” Section in the PIEE Suite to locate payments and obtain trace number, and/or
    • Follow the instructions for submitting a help desk ticket to AskDFAS, which are attached in this document below.

    Final reports (or cover letters of final performance reports) required to be submitted to an ONR Regional Office, should be sent to the applicable email address identified below. Doing so generally facilitates the closeout and payment process, particularly during this time. These email addresses can also be used if your assigned Regional Office point of contact for your award is unknown.;;;; or

    Instructions for using for refunds to awards using MOCAS pay offices (HQ0337, HQ0338 or HQ0339) can be found at: Summary of Instructions:

    • Step 1: Website:

    • Step 2: Search Field: Type MOCAS-ACCS for HQ0337, HQ0338 or HQ0339

    • Step 3: Click Continue

    • Step 4: Click Continue to the Form (If there is no asterisk those fields can be left blank); Credit Invoice: Leave Blank; Shipment Number: Leave Blank; Bill of Collection Number: Leave Blank; Delivery Order; Number: Leave Blank; CLIN/ACRN: ***Please identify which CLIN/ACRN the funds shall returned***; Description of Overpayment: *** Provide the explanation for return of funds

    • Step 5: Click “Yes” to Additional Data to be Submitted, if applicable (Email DFAS.DSCC.JDA.LIST.CCO-CAS-EFTCOLLECTIONS@MAIL.MIL or FAX 216-367-3456 provide confirmation Number in the Subject Line once Form is Submitted)

    • Step 6: Proceed with Entering Payment Info / Review and Submit (include ONR Contract Administrator’s email to receive confirmation Payment was sent)

    • Step 7: Save Confirmation Page

Foreign recipients can’t use These type of recipients and recipients of awards that identity pay offices other than MOCAS, should contact their assigned ONR Regional Office point of contract for guidance if they need to submit a refund.