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Announcements for the Department of Procurement & Strategic Sourcing will be posted on this page so you will be informed of any new changes in a timely manner.  If you are not subscribed to our RSS Feeds yet, we encourage you to do so. Please follow the below instructions on how to subscribe to our RSS Feeds.



3Play Media is the new preferred vendor for closed captioning services.     Vendor #23264

Visit 3Play Media



Beginning June 1, 2022, The Procurement office will only be accepting the following versions of the FS06 and FS03 forms.  Please use the following link to access the most updated versions of these forms.

FS06 and FS03 Forms


Have a Purchase $50,000 or Greater?

Legislative Budget Board (LBB) Compliance Form

In accordance with GAA, Article IX §7.04, Texas Government Code §322.020, please fill out the LBB Compliance Form and attach it to the requisition to help facilitate required reporting of any purchase order $50,000 or greater.  

If a PO is increased to $50,000 or greater, this form must also be filled out and attached to the requisition.


Amazon Purchase Issues

Use the Firefox browser when completing an Amazon order.  It is the most compatible browser for a seamless purchase.


Assistance with "Shipping Address" and "Storage Location" in Marketplace

Make sure that you have set up the "Default Shipping Address" and the "Default Storage Location" before creating the requisition in Marketplace.   The shipping address is where the supplier will deliver the goods from the purchase order.  For our San Marcos campus, with a couple of exceptions, goods are shipped to our University Distribution Center (UDC).  The TXST team at the UDC then distributes those goods across campus based on the identified storage location.   Each requisition must have both a shipping address and a storage location.    


Shipping Address

Many users share a common Default Ship to Address. On the San Marcos Campus, most shipments come through the University Distribution Center, or UDC. The Student Health Center is the only San Marcos exception and is for limited use. Centralized ship to default addresses is critical because they have docks, staffing, and established procedures.

The only other exclusion is the Round Rock Campus.

The Default Ship to Address is found in the General section of the Requisition.

Graphical user interface, text, application, email

Description automatically generated


Storage Locations

Storage locations are the second critical and department specific part of the equation that ensures departments receive the goods on the purchase order. Example: JCKL.

Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated

A complete shipping address includes the Default Ship to Address + Storage Location:  UDC + JCKL.


Invalid Zip Code Error - Staples

If you are having trouble with the zip code in Staples on the Marketplace , they are working on solving the current issue with delivery zip. If you receive this error message (invalid ZIP code), replace the zip code number with “00000”.  This will allow you to continue shopping.  


ReadyRefresh Notices

ReadyRefresh/Nestle sent cancellations in error to several departments. ReadyRefresh will continue to supply campus water delivery. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this vendor error. Procurement is working on contracting with another water delivery company as an alternative source and will provide the campus an update as that comes to fruition.


New FS06 and FS03 Forms

You Are Invited to Attend


Network with vendors, sample food, and do not forget your business card to enter for a chance at amazing raffle prizes.

We cannot wait to see you there!


Change in TSUS Marketplace Workflow Display

Marketplace has a change from Jaggaer to improve performance

Requisitioners will now need to click “What’s Next” to see the Workflow within the requisition.

NOTE:  There are no personal or system preferences available to alter this change.

Graphical user interface, text, application

Description automatically generated


Graphical user interface, text

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PDF with Q & A of the FS Updates Meeting is Posted for October 2021

Please go to our FS Updates Meeting page to view the PDF.


FS Updates Meeting Posted for October 2021

Please go to our FS Updates Meeting page for the PDF, Video of the presentation, and a short survey.



Due to the Extraordinary Market Conditions

Please view the PDF of Contract Items that Will Increase by 3%

Effective: October 23, 2021



There is a new fillable Proprietary Justification Form available on our Forms webpage and our Contracted Services webpage.  Please note:  If you submit an older form it will be rejected starting today, August 27, 2021.

*Please be aware that if you bookmark the actual PDF or download and save the actual PDF you may run the risk of missing future updates on forms.



Anyone entering a requisition for FY21, the fiscal year ends this Friday, AUGUST 27, 2021.  The last day to issue, approve, modify, or cancel a requisition or PO is FRIDAY, AUGUST 27, 2021, AT NOON.  Late workflow approvals and modifications are subject to cancellation/deletion.  Procurement will do everything possible to complete all requisitions that are in process prior to noon; however, we are limited to time and authority to approve.




Please note when using LOWES punch out make sure you are in the San Marcos location (upper left hand corner) if your default is not San Marcos please report it to








Caprice Productions, Inc



Currently, the promotional product industry is experiencing issues with shipping/fulfillment, increasing raw material/labor costs, reduced workforce, unfavorable exchange rates, which are contributing to insufficient inventory, higher product prices and delayed delivery times for orders, making it challenging to meet client needs as rising demand for branded merchandise continues.


We are urging out clients to order ASAP to allow for delays on backorders in stock or production.



Enhanced, Streamlined & Familiar Purchasing Option for Texas State Employees


Procurement & Strategic Sourcing is excited to bring you a new purchasing program between Texas State University and Amazon Business


Effective July 7


All University Amazon purchases will be made through the TXST Amazon Business account tile found on the TSUS Marketplace.*


Purchasing through Amazon Business provides TXST employees ease of use, a familiar platform, opportunities to compare pricing and quick turnaround on purchases.

Learn More

  • Live training event June 30, at 2 p.m.
  • All TXST employees are invited and encouraged to attend.
  • Join the event at P&SS Amazon Business Launch Training June 30.
  • For your convenience, a recording of the presentation will be posted at Procurement & Strategic Sourcing


*Note to Current Amazon Users: To use the TSUS Marketplace, current users who purchase through Amazon will have to update their account. If you are presently using Amazon, look for emails in the coming days with special instructions. 

Amazon Business FAQs, Training & Instructions



Please go to our FS Updates Meeting page for the PDF, Video of the presentation, and a short survey.


Staff Resource Fair Presentation

We provided a presentation in the Staff Resource Fair on April 13, 2021.  We are providing it here as promised.  Check out the Power Point Presentation for great resources and links to assist with your procurements.



The Marketplace will be transitioning to the new interface improvements on April 11, 2021.  All the same features will exist but within a new environment.  See more detailed information by checking out the New User Experience.


On April 9th the Marketplace will be transitioned to a new look.  All the same features will exist but within a new environment.  You may try the new user experience before hand at any time by toggling between the classic and new user experience.



There is an updated Signature Authority List.  This list, which identifies persons who may sign contracts on behalf of Texas State University, is located on the Contract Authority webpage.

The updates are as follows:

•          Add Line 28 - In accordance with Chapter III, Section I 0.25 of TSUS Rules and Regulations, the President delegates to the VPFSS, or their designated representative in their absence, authorization to execute all contracts less than $500,000 (including research grants and contracts), agreements, licenses, and reports, whether financial or programmatic, on behalf of the university.

Signature Authority: Vice President for Finance and Support Services

Justification: This simply includes the Board Rule in our list.

•          Add Line 29 - Licenses, permits, plans and reports involving environmental health; radiation and chemical use, storage, and disposal; fire and life safety issues; or insurance and risk management for local, state, and federal agencies which do not create a financial obligation.

Signature Authority: Director of Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management

Justification: All environmental and life safety agreements and documents should be reviewed and approved by the Director of Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management. Previously there has not been any signature authority delegated for zero-dollar documents of this type.



Due to the inclement weather - Fisher Shipments out of Dallas will be delayed.


We have a new FS-06 Form that can be found on our website at

We will no longer accept old forms after April 1, 2021. Please note, it is the responsibility of the Department to get this form fully approved by Vendor Request before creating a requisition, eNPO, or TCM Form Request.

The Vendor Maintenance website has important updates.

Under University Employee Links, the following 3 PDFs are available for your use

  • How to Set up New Vendor in PaymentWorks
  • How to update Existing Vendor in PaymentWorks
  • Submitting an FS-06

Under Supplier Links, the following PDF is available for you to send to vendors showing them the process and what to expect.

  • Registration Process in PaymentWorks for Vendors

All vendor related questions and concerns, including questions or concerns about the FS-06 Form should be sent to



The Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Office will be putting higher scrutiny on all e-NPO’s.  The e-NPO documents are considered to be “After-the-Fact” purchases which are out of compliance.  There are occasional exceptions that occur, but Purchase Orders should be used for most procurements to comply with State of Texas purchasing requirements and university policy.  In accordance with UPPS 05.02.02 “Persons making unauthorized purchases may be held personally liable for any damages resulting from the repudiation of the contract or purchase order.”

In the event an e-NPO is used for a vendor payment it must be accompanied with an invoice and if for a contractor payment with an invoice or a “Contract Services Payment Voucher” (FS-03), and an “Employee vs. Independent Contractor Determination” (FS-06).  As an alternative, departments can use a P-Card or purchase from an existing contracted vendor.

For more information on the e-NPO requirements and the process review the e-NPO Procedures.


Using the P-Card is acceptable for purchases with a TXST preferred contract/supplier in The TSUS Marketplace under $500 without a waiver.


Department P-Cards will have a person that is responsible for that card.  That person will be referred to as a Custodian.  The Custodian will have the same responsibilities and requirements as a P-Card Holder.


Account Manager/PI Approval and signing the P-Card transaction logs should be completed within five days after the Cardholder/Custodian has completed the reconciliation.


The standard single transaction limit is Increased from $1,000 to $2,000.


The standard monthly transaction limit is increased from $5,000 to $10,000.


A Request for P-Card Card Limit Increase Form is required if you need to increase spending limit(s).  This form will replace the waiver form and can be used for increases only.


If the waiver/increase request is for Awards/Food/Flowers/Refreshments, an AP-12 form is required to be submitted as well.


Account Managers are not required to take the annual P-Card certification training, but It is recommended that they do if P-Cards are issued on accounts for which they are responsible.




Transaction verification must occur by the 20th of each month.


Verify that a potential vendor is not on "Vendor Hold" with the State of Texas for all purchases over $500, before the purchase is made, excluding emergency purchases.


Link to  Procurement Card Guidelines and Procedures Manual

FS Updates Meeting Posted for February 2021

Please go to our FS Updates Meeting page for the PDF, Video of the presentation, and a short survey.


Order Your Masks & Disinfecting Supplies

In Stock & Ready to Deliver

  • Disposable masks

  • Maroon cloth masks

  • Smile masks

  • Face shields

  • Personal hand sanitizer spray bottles


Requirements for Ordering

  • Requests should be submitted from only one designee per department. 

  • Delivery to one location per department. Classrooms are equipped with cleaning kits and handled outside of this process.


ASTM Disposable Mask Available for Faculty

  • Provide Number of Faculty Members

  • We issue one (1) per day per faculty member

  • We will expedite delivery of these items


PLEASE NOTE:  If you are in need of PPE items that are NOT available via the AiM request then please source through the normal purchase requisition process from one of the suppliers on our PPE LIST.

Updated Proprietary Justification Form has been added:

We have updated the Proprietary Justification Form to a fill-able form and the Proprietary Writing Guidance has been updated as well to assist you.  Both of these forms can be found on the FORMS page of our website.  Go to our FORMS Webpage first to find forms related to procurement.

We have moved ReadyRefresh back to vendor 12262:

You DO NOT need to cancel any POs that were created on 22885, but once all have been processed, this vendor will be blocked.


Please use vendor 12262 moving forward.


If you have any questions, please email me at

I apologize for any inconvenience, this was opened in error.




Lisa Doherty

Vendor Maintenance

Procurement and Strategic Sourcing

Texas State University


512-245-2393 (fax)

New Strategic Partners Awarded for All Promotional & Branded Items:

New Janitorial Suppliers Awarded:

New contracts have been awarded for janitorial supplies to ABCO, Staples & Gulf Coast. 

If you are ordering items from Staples please use TXST-UNIVSOL-2020-5872-Procure.

Contact Information for Janitorial Supplies Companies:

Important Changes for Water Orders:

ReadyRefresh is the main supplier of water delivery and installed water systems on campus.  These purchases will no longer be paid by Purchase Order.  There is now a PCard for purchases made from Ready Refresh. 

  • If you have not picked yours up; please do so as soon as possible. 
  • If you do not have a PCard for ReadyRefresh:  Contact PCard by emailing to request one.

Staples is also available via Marketplace punch-out to order bottled water.  Please reference contract TXST-UNIVSOL-2020-5471-Procure.

Important PCard Announcement:

It was announced at the recent FS Updates Quarterly Meeting that due to our non-compliance findings from our PCard Audit it is now REQUIRED that ALL signed PCard Logs be scanned and emailed to by the 20th of each month. 

  • It is NOT required to send receipts. 

  • It is NOT required to send a log IF there have been NO transactions for that period.

FS Updates Meeting Posted for October 2020

Please go to our FS Updates Meeting page for the PDF of the presentation and a short survey.

NOTICE:  Deadline for End of FY20 - August 28, 2020 @ 12 Noon

The last day to approve FY 2020 Requisitions or FY 2020 PO Modifications/Cancellations is August 28 by 12:00 Noon. Any Requisitions or Purchase Orders not approved by that time will be deleted.


All Departments will no longer be receiving PCard Statements in the mail.  They will now be delivered 4 days early via email.  You may create a copy if needed.

FS Updates Meeting Posted for July 2020

Please go to our FS Updates Meeting page for the PDF of the presentation and a short survey.


Procurement and Strategic Sourcing is excited to announce there will be NO delivery fee associated with Lowes deliveries!

Reporting Additional COVID-19 Expenses:

How to retrieve the document number to report additional COVID-19 related documents into the SAP COVID-19 portal tile.

PPE for Covid-19:

Please visit our new PPE (Personal protective equipment) page to find information on our vendors as well as what items are considered Qualified and NON-Qualified PPE.

As a reminder:  Be sure to order COVID-19 items separately for tracking purposes.

FS Updates Meeting Posted for April 2020

Please go to our FS Updates Meeting page for the Video of the meeting, PDF of the presentation and a short survey.

Changes to MSC on Marketplace: 

MSC has a new HUB partnership with Casada.  The TSUS Marketplace punch-out for MSC (vendor #516923) is no longer available on the Marketplace.  Until MSC/Casada (vendor #535477) can be added to the Marketplace as a punch-out, you will need to contact MSC for quotes and submit orders as a non-catalog requisition under Casada (535477).

Reminder:  Open Encumbrances

Please remember to periodically check your Open Encumbrance Report (ZOPEN_ENCUMBRANCE) and request closures from the Procurement Office as necessary.

Updated HUB Determination Form

Texas State University requires any purchase $90,000 or greater to have a HUB Determination Form to determine probability of subcontracting opportunities. If Subcontracting Opportunities are found to be probable, completion of a  HUB Subcontracting Plan (HSP) will be required.

Please note: In accordance with 34 TAC §20.28, a “Subcontractor” means a person who contracts with a prime contractor to work, to supply commodities, or to contribute toward completing work for a governmental entity.


2020 Vendor Fair & HUB Showcase/2020 Vendor Fair & HUB Showcase - Round Rock Campus





Notice to our Vendors

Texas State Procurement & Strategic Sourcing team is working hard during the continuously evolving challenges posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are supporting Texas State vendors with frequent communication on important changes and resources that assure continuity of service.


We encourage vendors, who have not enrolled in credit card payment or, direct deposit to consider this more convenient process for receiving your payments. It also helps us practice social distancing.  Please take a moment to read the direct deposit and credit card payment instructions and sign up today.


It is important for all our valued vendors to take this step now as an extra precaution to limit disruptions in the payment process. We cannot guarantee that you will receive your payment in a timely manner while the university community is operating under a COVID-19 shelter-in-place order with limited in-person staffing.


e-NPO Screen Changes – COVID-19 Tracking (032720A)

Effective today, when creating an e-NPO, you must select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as shown below indicating if the expense captured on the e-NPO is related to COVID-19 or not.  The new requirement fields are directly under the Vendor Number section on the e-NPO screen.


COVID-19 Related _ Yes or No


When creating the e-NPO document, you cannot combine COVID-19 with other business expenses; they must be on separate e-NPO documents.  This is because you cannot select both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ on the e-NPO document.  The expenses must either all be related to COVID-19 (select ‘Yes’) or not related to COVID-19 (select ‘No’).  This new question is a required field, therefore, the e-NPO will not be able to be created without a selection. If no selection is entered, you will receive the following error message:

Error Message if no selection entered

Approvers will see the selection when reviewing the e-NPO in workflow. It will show to the right of the Vendor Number on their screen (but it will not be highlighted as below, which was done for emphasis).

COVID-19 Related for Approvers view



FS Updates Meeting Posted for January 2020

Please go to our FS Updates Meeting page for the Video of the meeting, PDF of the presentation and a short survey.

UPDATE:  Independent Contractor Determination Form FS-06

Be aware that if you are searching website for the FS-06 Form; the first result will be our Personal Services Contracts page on the Purchasing website which is where the FS-06 Form is located. 

The updated form may be found on our Forms Page.

FS Updates Meeting Posted for October 2019

Please go to our FS Updates Meeting page for the Video of the meeting, PDF of the presentation and a short survey.

Warning of Phishing Email from iprinttechnologies

This is an example of an email that is currently circulating on campus.  This company is NOT tied to Texas State University or the Department of Procurement & Strategic Sourcing.  If you receive this email do not open it or the attachment.  Please immediately forward it to

Thank you.

Picture of Email from iprinttechnologies

Embassy Suites San Marcos - New Vendor Number (05/31/19A) 

Please use vendor number 533773 for Embassy Suites San Marcos Hotel and Conference Center. 

Requisition for Food and Beverage Purchases (05/31/19A) 

All food and beverage requisitions should be created as a limit framework requisition.  Requisition must include:

  • A valid business purpose.
  • Attendee list with attendees identified (staff, student, etc.) when required (less than 20 attendees).
  • Any other required PO data per policy, including proper approvals for an all-employee event not covered by FSS/PPS 03.11  or UPPS 03-01-18.

The first line must include all the following items bundled together:

  • Cost of food and beverages (excluding alcohol, requires specific funding)
  • Rentals (linens, china, etc.)
  • Service Fee
  • Delivery Fee
  • Tip

Alcohol must be listed on a separate line.

food and beverage requisisions

The comptroller general ledger fund numbers related to food and beverage purchases:

729900 – Purchased Contract Services (DO NOT USE THIS ACCOUNT) Not to be used for catering services.

731500 – Food Purchased – State Funds (DO NOT USE THIS ACCOUNT) State funds cannot be used for food or beverages for personal consumption at events.

731600 – Food Purchased – Local Funds – Use this fund for all food purchases

731601 – Food Purchased – Bottled Water – Local Funds – Bottled water only (outside of catering events).  State funds cannot be used to purchase water. Follow UPPS 03.01.03 (sec 01.05 L) policy for exceptions to purchase of bottled water.

790101 – Purchase of Alcohol – Local Funds

Note:  The AP-12 Form is available for capturing all the required data for these types of events and defines the requirements needed to process a requisition. To avoid any delays, please use the AP-12 form and attach to the requisition to ensure timely payment of the invoice,

For step-by-step instructions on how to create a limit framework requisition, please visit Create a Limit Framework Requisition.

FS Updates Meeting Posted for January 2019

Please go to our FS Updates Meeting page for the Video presentation and PDF of the meeting and the PDF.

Instructions for Completion of SAP Software Requisition (10292018A)

Follow the link for a quick guide to completing software purchases via SAP.

TIBH Industries is now WorkQuest!

In recognition of our 40th anniversary, we are excited to announce that TIBH Industries, Inc. is now WorkQuest, a name we feel embodies our mission to serve Texans with disabilities.

On this journey, we’ve forged a pathway, connecting people with meaningful employment opportunities, improving their quality of life and moving business forward in a profoundly meaningful way. Together, we have dared to imagine something bigger than ourselves. 

While our name has changed, our commitment to our mission—and to each of you—remains constant.

Together, we are WorkQuest!

Reminder: Invoices without PO Numbers (091818A)

As mentioned at the October 27th Bobcat Buyers Meeting, invoices received for payment without a PO number will be returned to the vendor by Accounts Payable and considered as disputed until the vendor provides a revised invoice with the PO number included.

Please ensure that when you are placing an order with a vendor you provide a PO number and remind them to include the number on the invoice. This will minimize the impact or delay they may experience if they provide an invoice without a PO number for payment. As vendors become more aware of the PO number requirement, they may request the PO number before accepting the order.

FedEx Service Alert (091218A)

We received a service alert email from FedEx. Please see the link below to access the email regarding service delays and disruptions.

FedEx Service Alert 09.12.2018

Scam Alert (090718A)

Please be on the lookout for emails coming in that are like the one below. THIS IS A SCAM. Please do not purchase anything they are asking. If you receive an email like this, please forward the email as an attachment to If you have any questions, please call the purchasing office or ITAC.

From: Dan Alden <>



Subject: Request Today/ Purchase Card

l'll need you to run a quick task ASAP.

I want you to ge some gift cards for me in today at the store, Wallmart.

get back to me so I can let you know the type of gift card and denominations. 

P.S: I'm busy at the moment and cant take calls right now email me back.


Sent from my Mobile Device

TSUS Marketplace Application Error  

Marketplace is experiencing difficulty with the links included in emails to facilitate approvals. This is not specific to Texas State but all institutions that use the email functionality. Jaggaer, the software provider is working to resolve the issue. We will keep you posted on their progress. In the meantime, please login to the Marketplace to execute your approvals.

Revised Request for Recurring Payments Form (052918B)

A revised Request for Recurring Payments form is now located on the PSS website. Click on the link provided in the prior sentence to access the form. The terms and conditions section of this form is vital for A/P to process payment on time as it includes the date ranges, amount to pay and payment due dates. The form must be attached to the purchase requisition for recurring payment to occur.

This form is required for any recurring payments such as car leases, office rental space, and Summer REU participants.

Do note that the upcoming 2018 Summer REU purchase requisitions will need the completed form attached. As mentioned above, this will ensure that payments are issued to the individuals in that program per the timeline that was communicated to them..

Vendor Numbers on Purchase Requisitions (042018A)

Please remember that it is never acceptable to use a vendor number that starts with a “6” that is six digits in length (e.g. 612345) on a purchase requisition. That number series is used for payee links tied to the main vendor record. For example, the payee link is used when another address (e.g. remit to address) is needed for sending check payments rather than to the main vendor address.

Remember there are some vendor numbers that start with a “6” that can be used on purchase requisitions. These numbers are NOT six-digits in length. Use the number of digits as the identifier between main vendor numbers and payee link numbers to help you with the selection of the correct vendor number on your requisition.


To avoid having your purchase requisition rejected for corrections, please update your procedures with a note that “6” payee link numbers (six digits) can never be used on purchase requisitions.

A New Version of the Vendor Forms is Now Posted

Please be aware that new vendor forms have been posted to the Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Website ( The forms have been separated between Individuals and Entities to help avoid confusion with notary requirements. All earlier versions of the forms should be replaced with the new version.

Beginning March 1, 2018, ONLY the new version of the vendor forms will be accepted.

Logistics Services Notice 011918A

Inbound and outbound shipping services will not be available with Broussard Logistics effective February 1st of 2018. However, Broussard Logistics will continue to be our strategic partner for international and hazardous shipments.

Inbound and Outbound:

For inbound shipments departments are advised to avail of “pre-pay and add” offered by our vendors for inbound shipments. Please ensure vendors provide shipping cost FOB the University Warehouse on their proposal/invoice. Vendors will have access to State of Texas shipping rates through the following accounts:

FedEx 828957503

UPS 3Y2592

All vendors should utilize the above listed accounts for inbound and outbound shipping. Vendor shipping cost should not exceed these state rates.

Moving forward we will be exploring a one stop solution with options for inbound and outbound services for shipping packages and large freight.

FedEx Service Alert 011818A

We received a service alert email from FedEx. Please see the link below to access the email regarding service delays and disruptions.

FedEx Service Alert 01.18.2018

FedEx Service Alert 011718A

We received a service alert email from FedEx. Please see the link below to access the email regarding service delays and disruptions.

FedEx Service Alert 01.17.2018

FedEx Service Alert 011218A

We received a service alert email from FedEx. Please see the link below to access the email regarding service delays and disruptions.

FedEx Service Alert 01.12.2018

FedEx Service Alert 011118A

We received a service alert email from FedEx. Please see the link below to access the email regarding service delays and disruptions.

FedEx Service Alert 01.11.2018

New Payee Substitute W-9 Form 122017A

Beginning January 1, 2018 a new “Payee Substitute W-9 Form” will be posted to the Procurement and Strategic Sourcing website ( for vendor and personal services setup/changes. All earlier versions of the form should be replaced with the new version. Starting February 1, 2018 ONLY the new version will be accepted.

Recalls 071317A

We have added a Recall tab to our website. Please make sure to visit our new tab often. We recently received letters from vendors regarding recalls on items. Below is the link to access the recall letters. We will continue to update this tab as needed and will also make an announcement on our RSS feed.