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Wim Geerts Scholarship


"What Bird is that? What is its name?"
"Richard I can tell you the name when I knew it in all the languages of the world, but than you only know how people call it in different places. You wouldn't learn anything from it. You gotta look at the bird, listen to the bird, you gotta try to understand what it is doing".

Discussion between Richard Feynman and his dad in Infinity, 1996.


Major interest/equipment:

  • Magneto-elastic and Magneto-plastic properties of thin films: NiGa and NiMnGa thin films.
  • Properties of novel transition metal oxides
  • Optical spatial modulators and their use in imaging
  • Measurement techniques: ellipsometry, interferometry, Kerr magnetometry, Kerr microscopy, rotating field magnetostriction measurement technique, van der Pauw four point probe measurement technique, CV analysis, spreading resistance measurement technique, dlts, IVT measurements.

Openings in Research Projects 2020:

1. Hall and DLTS Measurements on NiFeO thin films sputtered at different at oxygen flow. Determination of Carrier type, identification of deep trap states.

2. MOKE setup that allows for magnetic hysteresis curve measurements on samples that are exposed to a tensile strain.


Current and Past Students:

2020:      Tanjina Ahmed   Sam Zamora     Kolton Dieckow    Chandan Howlader   

2019: Selena Rose Najar    James Nick Talbert   Sarah-Beth Ragan    Shankar Acharya     Binod DC          Clint Boldt     Rigoberto Mayorga-Luna                  Noel Gamez  

2018: Chandler Hutton     Salomon Gallegos  James Dobbins        Samuel Kimmel(Chemistry)       Andres Oliva(EE)          Brian Collier                   Joselyn Lesikar      Anival Ayala
2017:  Md. Ahad Talukder    Fidele Twagirayezu      Anival Ayala     Amanda Gregory      Armando  Gallegos (EE)          
    Aaron Medina             Maria Chappell        Mayuko Stauffeneger          
2016:  Michael Measom   Sudarshan Luitel      Darrell Adams     Jose Majorga         Cole Stevenson     Yubo Cui       David Torres    Darren Miller        
2015:  James Shook    Josh Thompson   Leonardo Escandon    Ricky Scott
2014:     Maclyn Compton      Ryan Laughin     Joseph Sadler      Michael Robinson (EE)
2013:    Elizabeth Leblanc      Javad Gatabi     Nelson Simpson       Brice Williams     Garrett McSpaden      Bill McKenna      Rudy Holz
2012: Cynthia Montgomery     Bryant Aaron (CS)   Geoffrey Miller (Math)      Hanu Arava     
2011:  Hector Valdez  Alan Woodall      Brandon Dillard
2010: Clint Bordelon    Cliff Thompson     Kyle Smith      Amanda Gregory    
2008: Conrad Newton   Clayton Moore   Chris Lohn     Daniel Palmer(CS) 
2007:   Chris O'Brien    Elaine Tennant   Jonathan Garrett 
2006:     Daniel Fenter     David Delgado    Joel Dunn,
2005:  Sonny Garcia   Martin Hodo   Matthew McDougle    Miguel  Bernal    Vincent Sombroek
2004:      Hans-Willem ten Brinke       Dennis Jordan           Larry Foulkrod
2003:  Jacob Grimes    Wendy Avila    Jett Hendrixs  
2002:  Claude Garrett      Chris Brown  
2001:  Brian Donehew     Brenda Wilson       Dustin Ragan       Nazul Rivera        Bobby Duran
2000:   Charlie Watts    Christie Weidner     Dr. Archana Dubey     Philip Smith (PJ)       Patrick Holland       Anita Acevedo    
1999:  Wayne Lewis       Valerie Cuming       Ena Bichsel
1998:   Andrew Schuetze      Harsha Abeywickrema

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