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Alphabetical List of Equipment

The following is an alphabetical listing of equipment available in the department. Links to manuals with more information are provided if avialable.

  1. AFM (a) Veeco Dimension 3100 Nanoscope IV (I) Basic Principle (II) Operating Procedure (b) Park Scientific Instruments Autoprobe CP Operating Procedure
  2. Ball Miller/Mixer :: SPEX Centriprep 8000M Operating Procedure
  3. Cascade Microtech RF-1 Microwave Probe system
  4. Communication Software for some Electrical Characterizing instruments in Advanced Electronic Lab (a) Metric Software1 (b) Metric Software2 and (c) Metric Software3
  5. Cryo Vander Pauw (Janis) (a) Setup
  6. CV Analyzer (a) Cheatsheet CV analysis (b) CV analyzer (c) Mercury material datasheet
  7. Data Acquisition Software for Electronic Characterization Equipment (a) General Manual (b) Auto-Sequence Manual
  8. Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy System (Sula)
  9. Device-Simulator (Silvaco)
  10. Dry etching (Hummer)
  11. Dual Ion Beam Sputtering system (equipped with RF 50 Ion source and HD 25 Atomic source from Oxford Instruments, UK) Operating Procedure
  12. Ellipsometer (a) Ellipsometer Manual (b) Ellipsometer Home
  13. Filmetrics :: Version 34.3000 (a) Basic Principle (b) Operating Procedure
  14. Florod Laser Beam Writer (LBW) (a) LBW manual (b) LBW Example
  15. FTIR Thermo/Nicolet 6700
  16. Furnace (a) Programmable Three zone tube furnace( upto 1100 °C) from Lindberg/Blue Operating Procedure (b) Two vacuum furnaces (up to 250-300 °C) from VWR
  17. Impedance Analyzer (a) Operating Procedure
  18. Instron Material Testing Instrument with advanced Video Extensometer; Operating Procedure for (a) Instron (b) Video Extensometer (c) DVD-tutorial
  19. Kerr Microscope (a) Instruction manual for Kerr microscope (b) Oriel motor
  20. Kerr Tracer (a) Operating procedure for Kerr tracer (b) Kerr Home
  21. Magnetostriction Measurement system Operating Procedure
  22. Microfab : Process with Training standard Cleanroom Facilities
  23. ModulabPVD (a) Operating Procedure
  24. Nanometrics System (a) Operating Procedure
  25. Optical Microscope :: Olympus BX 60M Operating Procedure
  26. Optical Multichannel Analyzer (OMA) (a) Operation (b) Data Transfer Recipe (c) Data Conversion Program
  27. Particle Analyzer
  28. Polisher (a) Tech Prep polisher from Allied High Tech Operating Procedure (b) Phoenix Beta Grinder/polisher (equipped with METLAP Fluid Dispenser) from Buehler
  29. Process-Simulator (silvaco)
  30. PSPICE Circuit Simulator
  31. RIE/PECVD :: NRP 4000 Nanomaster Inc.
  32. RTA Furnace:: Total Fab Solutions, Heat pulse 610
  33. Scanning Electron Microscope: JEOL 6400F
  34. Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer (a) Operating Procedure
  35. Spectrum Analyzer Manual
  36. Spreading Resistance Manual
  37. Stylus Profilimeter Operating Procedure
  38. Ubi 1 Nanomechanical Test Instrument :: Hysitron Inc. Operating Procedure
  39. VSM (a) VSM from LDJ Electronics (a) VSM (b) Thickness and volume calculation
  40. Westbond Manual
  41. XRD system :: Bede d1 system (a) High Angle X-ray Diffraction